Sunday, February 18, 2007

Jackson's 3rd birthday!

I traveled to Durham last weekend for my nephew, Jackson's birthday. The theme was Curious George or as Jackson likes to say "Curious, Curious George." The party was fun and Durham was beautiful. We were able to do a few semi-hikes while I was there as the weather was much warmer than here in good ol' Indiana with our recent negative temperatures.

I was also able to meet a cousin while I was there that lives, ironically, down the street from Rachel. She is a cousin on our mother's side. She is a bioligist and preserves wet lands....very cool...and she is a fellow vegetarian which is nice:) Overall, the trip was wonderful as it always is when I visit with Rachel and her family. I can't wait to go back next month when baby Julia is born!

P.S. (Yes those are pics of the set up and gift bags-I had to document them in true commentator fashion.:) Also, gotta love the pic of Jackson and his Elvis impersonation:)

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