Friday, December 19, 2008

14 weeks!

When I put him under here, he grinned so big!
(look at that double chin!)


So happy!
I love playtime with my daddy!
First time in here-he held his head up so well

"I'm not sure about you"

My mommy is working and ignoring me:(

Since when did my living room become a play room?
Does this bring back memories Rachel?
My brother is the best!

Such an innocent face

"Hey, can't SOME things be private?"

Chillin' again

Finally passed out for mommy

Drooling is the life!


Chillin' with my daddy!

Power to the people

Chase is growing up too fast! This week, he has made us laugh so much. When we are playing with him, he arches up his back and grunts like he is trying to get to us. If we laugh, then he does it over and over again. So funny! He is also beginning to chew on his hands and rub his arm in his mouth. We think he might be teething....very soon, but it is possible. Tayler began to teeth at four months. This would make more sense out of the runny/stuffed up nose and low grade fever. He began drooling a lot around nine weeks-the first time we thought he was sick-so who knows? He is also beginning to rub his eyes with his hands....representing great hand eye coordination. And in biggest news, he laughed for the first time yesterday! I was so excited but have yet to get him to do it again. This has been a busy work week for me so I am ready to slow down and enjoy my time with him over the Holiday season. To use Brian's words, "It's going to be a TN Christmas!"

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party!

Hilarious.....Brian did great with picking out our sweaters
(If you recognize your sweater, then you donated it to Greenwood Goodwill-or one of its participating Indiana locations:)

The ultimate Christmas card pic!

Who's the ham now?
Look at that grin:)

Even she thought his was the ugliest sweater....

No, Chase look this way

Only tough men wear women sweaters....

Seriously, I look like I will love wearing this in 20 years!
(I tried to really play up the look with the turtleneck and all:)

Our small group had an ugliest Christmas sweater party. I definitely thought we should've won...but Loren took the much detail on his sweater:) We had food and played the Newlywed game.-to which I continued to try and shout out the answers when it was Brian's turn to answer..can you say ADD? And once again, we should've won but the Marriage and Family Therapist beat us by one...go figure:) We also did white elephant and I got some great hand soap..thanks Hannah! We have had a good time getting to know our small group and it has been a fun year with them. Enjoy the pics!

Tayler's 14th Birthday!

Tayler's slideshow

Party like a rockstar!
(A bear's gotta party too:)

No, I brought the best gift...

Daddy and Chase

I LOVE having parties!

Girlfriend of 2 years!

Chewbacca makes a guest appearance:)

He said "did you get my sweatband in the pic?"

Yea, so exciting...

So serious

So cute...

I got skills........

Aw...Cookie makes a new friend

Yea, this speaks for itself...

"Who me?"

Couldn't stop laughing

Blowing the candles out

Card from Aunt Rachel

$50! I can't believe it!


She has wanted to hold him for a long time!

Chillin' with the boys....

This was like our 15th try!

Tayler had his party on Saturday to celebrate his 14th birthday. I know, crazy right? He made a slide show of his life from birth to 14 with graphics and music. It was awesome and he did a great job. We had a Madagascar theme-as it is apparently hilarious to regress to toddlerhood when you are a teenage boy:) Brian also got a strobe light and each of the kids glow sticks, glow bracelets, and the such. The boys set everything up really well and handled the party this year as I am preoccupied with sick Chase and work.

He had several guy friends over that are the "usuals" every year. It is neat for us to see these lasting friendships and the same kids come back year after year. He also had two new friends who came this year. Emma (his long standing gfriend-you've seen her on the blog before:) and her best friend came as well. They are cuties! Tayler was such a "ham"-to which he said "Did you just call me a ham?" lol He was smiling from ear to ear, dancing around, and playing with all his mad guitar skills during the Guitar Hero competition. He was able to buy himself an IPOD touch..which we were happy about-now we have something new to use for leverage:) In making his slideshow, we were looking at old baby pics of him...I got teary remembering his birth. Time really does fly! I took a lot of pics so enjoy the show!

Friday, December 12, 2008

13 weeks and going strong!

Snoring with daddy!

asleep in swing for first time

Swing time and workday

Facebooking with momma

Go vols!

Love my footed pj's

He has officially moved to the crib!

Tayler entertaining chase at dinner

Advent -I look a little tired:)

Chase is 13 weeks old! I am having a hard time with him growing up. He has officially moved to his crib for naps and nightime sleep. This was not easy for me. It seems like we just bought that bassinet-the day we first saw him on we are putting it away. Just yesterday, I went through our old post when we announced we were pregnant, and just has just been such a life changing, meaningful, wonderful experience...there are really no words to describe it. He is continuing to smile and I swear he is brilliant! Several times, we asked him if he was finished eating and he nodded all three of us! It was hilarious and shocking! He went to the nursery for the first time this past week and was in the care of a wonderful NICU nurse. He probably won't go back for a while though b/c of the whole sick baby thing. He is still going to work with me on Monday and doing great participating in staff much input:) Once he gets tired though, it is hard b/c he cries and wants to be in his bed...I feel guilty.

He had his first time at the table with us and his first time with Advent. We are a little behind but he got to hear his daddy lead us in favorite thing ever! He also "watched" his first movie when we hosted small group this week-Expelled..he loved it:) He is still smiling a lot but is sick again! It never turns into bad sick, just low grade fever, running nose for a few days. Poor little guy...he doesn't feel good today. He is such a strong boy though and is still moving and grooving all the time! This pic of he and Brian-I love. When I work out at night, Chase sleeps on Brian. They were both snoring in this was so funny! He is asleep in the swing right now-for the first time..worn out after grocery shopping. We had a long trip preparing for Tayler's birthday party tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!