Thursday, October 30, 2008

Costume party!

Our community/small group had a Costume Party Tuesday night. In a last minute effort, Brian and I rocked out the hippie look:) We had a good time. This was Chase's first Halloween party. Of course, he slept through most of it. Enjoy the pics!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Baby Slings and Cloth diapers

So, I wanted to write about my new favorite things...We just ordered a new sling from Wallababy..a home based business in Indiana. I am also crossing my fingers that we are going to begin using cloth diapers from Fuzzibunz. I have to give a shout out to Tara who first introduced me to Fuzzibunz a few years ago..I have wanted to use them since! I am so excited and can't wait. Here is a little blurb about both.

The newly designed diapers, now made exclusively in the U.S.A., have stretchier elastic around the legs to better hug baby's curves, noticeably larger tabs for a better grip and to better prevent sagging, and updated top stitching for added reinforcement of seams.

Fuzzi Bunz diapers are the workhorse of all reusable diapering systems. Made with only the finest and most innovative materials, the stylish three-layered patented Fuzzi Bunz design works hard to keep your babies' bottoms dry and rash-free… always!

Here's how the best-selling Fuzzi Bunz diapering system works: The waterproof outer barrier keeps wetness contained. The soft microfleece inner layer gently touches your baby’s skin, pulling away moisture and keeping your baby rash-free, dry, and comfortable. The microfleece is made of 100% Polyester and is custom-milled. The unique, patented pocket-style opening enables you to customize the absorbency to fit your baby needs. Stuff the pocket with inserts, a pre-fold, or even a hand towel! The updated top-stitching circles the top of the diaper and the tabs, providing reinforcement and demonstrating our commitment to making high quality diapers that hold up wash after wash. The larger, square tabs hold the diaper in place to prevent sagging and provide better grip during diaper changes. The stretchier elastic around the legs provides maximum comfort for baby. The leg casings create “mini-gussets” to keep messes contained and leaks at bay. The adjustable snap settings grow with your baby and enable you to adjust for your baby’s waist and leg sizes.

Wallababy slings are reversible! It's like having two slings in one. I can reverse the sling to wear the print or just the solid color, depending on my mood. This is also a great back-up feature in case the sling should get dirty, from let's say, a baby who tends to spit up. Reverse it to keep your baby clean until you get home to wash it.

The Wallababy Reversible Sling is extremely easy to wash and care for. It will fit easily in your regular load of laundry, with no straps or separate pieces to get all tangled up.

The Wallababy sling is an extremely versatile way to carry your baby. Babies love to be carried, and babies need to be carried. This sling will only make your life easier! You can start carrying your baby as soon as he or she is born, and continue until he or she is a toddler (30 to 35 pounds). Your baby will benefit tremendously from the constant warmth of your body, the smell of a parent, and the closeness that the Wallababy provides. Your baby will be happy being carried in your arms... but wait, you will have your arms free to do the things that still need to get done!

The Wallababy sling allows for discreet breastfeeding. You can learn to feed your baby while shopping, working on the computer, or playing with another child. You will feel wonderful being able to feed your baby anytime, anywhere you go.

Six weeks old

Chase is now six weeks old..hard to believe. As far as new developments go, he is smiling more along with cooing more. I am trying to have him awake more often and we try playing with several different things to keep his interest. He was in his pack in play for the first time this week. He likes looking up at the animals. The pack in play vibrates and plays that helps. He is still loving the bath and if upset, can take one to calm him down. If anyone has suggestions of what to do to keep his interest when awake, let me know. We already do the black and white activity gym, the chair with the lights and shapes, and as previously mentioned the pack in play. Of course, I also talk to him, sing, take long walks at the park, etc. He is still on the same sleep schedule and does 4-6 hour stretches. His usual morning wake time is between 5:30-6:30. We start our day then with feeding, changing, awake time-then a nap about an hour or so later. He usually naps for about an hour and a half then we repeat. We are really enjoying him and can't wait to see him begin to develop his little personality even more. Right now, he LOVES jazz music and I try to keep it on for most of the is very calming to him. With this love and his long "piano fingers" we just might have a musician on our hands:)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Zoo Boo!

We took Tayler and Chase to Zoo Boo today. We had a great time. We rode the train to "Halloween Town" That was the best part! Enjoy the pics..We tried to get more of Tayler but he wasn't havin' it:)

Five Weeks old!

Some of the new developments this week are weight gain and recognition. Chase had a Dr's appt and as you can see from the pic, he wasn't so happy for part of the visit. Unfortunately, he had to receive the second part of his Hep B vaccination. I teared up! On the positive side, Chase gained 11 ounces in 10 days and grew 1 and a 1/2inches! It feels like such an accomplishment when you are breastfeeding for your little one to grow!:) Chase also began to recognize his little toys hanging from his chair for the first time..see pic above. That was pretty exciting-it's the simple things! He has always somewhat liked the bath, but this week he REALLY liked it, not crying once! I think this was due to Brian adding more water and achieving the optimal temperature. In Tayler news, his football team finished the season undefeated and are the Conference Champs! Soccer ended today as well-they had a good season but lost game one in the playoffs by 1.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

It's The Great Pumpkin...!

We went to Beasley's Apple Orchard today with some friends from church. They were having an apple festival. We rode the hayride and Tayler picked a pumpkin. We also had wonderful apple cider and it was only $1.00! This was a first for all of us and I am voting this become a Hume family tradition...we'll see.