Friday, March 27, 2009

6.2 months

I love eating food!

We're not quite done with this "toy"

Yay! I'm going to the beach this week!

I think I'll skip crawling and go straight to walking

Hang 10, dude.

Showing off my preppy spring style

My toes look so tasty....

Or maybe not so tasty....

notice the "orb" in the background...scary!

Mommy is being very funny!

Karin is out of town this week and so I am filling in for her. My comments aren't quite as clever but I'll do my best on the update.

-After some very long nights recently Chase has begun sleeping consistently from 8-6:30/7
-He has begun taking 1 1/2 hour naps
-We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his six month check-up but we think he's in the 14-15 pound range
-We moved him from the infant bath to the regular tub- he loved it and laughed so much at the rubber ducky
-He is sitting up consistently for long periods of time- he still doesn't like being on his belly but loves standing and trying to walk.
-We know it's early but we swear he is saying "hi" in Karin's southern drawl
-He took his first plane trip with Karin as they headed to Savanah, Georgia (his first trip to the beach as well)
-Sadly, the first time I've been away from him for several days
-He is still very curious, alert, loving and easy going-yes, he really does smile this much. I think he's getting used to the flashing camera

Friday, March 20, 2009

6.1 months


These are so good!

Seriously, do you photograph everything?

Embarassing moment

Look at those lips...

Scooting around

Making a half circle

I can do it!

Happy St. Patty's Day

St. Patty Eve

Who me?

Daddy and me....

Mommy and me

Daddy teaching me to throw rocks (look at his face...guilty)

Party on daddy's shoulders!


I will not look up for the pic

Daddy letting me play with my first stick

Outside what?

Where are we?
This weekend

he fell

asleep everywhere


Fell asleep on mommy after up all night


Gloworm, I've missed you

This week flew by! Chase ate sweet potatoes for the first time and loves them! I made them in the food processor and loved that! I got 20 meals for $1.00! You can't beat it...and it is better for them. He scooted in a half circle this week and is fully sitting up on his own. He had a sleepless night but thank goodness that seems to be just a one night occurence. He is growing so fast and I think that he is getting hungrier. I decided to feed him lunch today and dinner...we will see how he responds. He ate three servings at lunch along with breastfeeding! His tooth looks like it will appear very soon and it may be accompanied by a friend! We will see!

Friday, March 13, 2009

6 months!

Hi there!

Look at me.....I am finally eating big boy food!

Not so sure
Is the avocado turning my eyes red?:)

Who me?

Avacodo is good!
Red eye...not so good

Daddy's turn
Getting full

In deep thought

Daddy's arms=no better place...


Playing with Daddy
What is this whole new world?

Mad at you ! ugh!

Daddy blowing bubbles

Can I catch them?

Chase was not happy about the Bachelor upset!

So serious

Daddy and me

Rosy cheeks

Love it
Mommy smiles...I am serious

What's going on?

He had the cutest reaction to wind... he would would whince and gasp

Shon and on one

Ah yea!
Enjoying the sunshine

Poppin his collar!

Trying to be nice to the toy he likes to chew on
Heading out in the car seat
Flowers from my team in honor of my work anniversary (we also had fruit and cheese trays, dessert, etc)

Chase is 6 months old! We had a great weekend last weekend. The weather was nice so we were able to go outside quite a bit. This week has been good has well....flew by! I have had a busy work week so that usually makes the time fly by. Chase is waking up more this week and I am on a mission to discover the cause. I am not sure if it is hunger, gas, teething, or just part of the deal:) There is so much conflicting advice out there that I am just going to use the process of elimination to get to the cause. Chase started solids this week! He started with avacodo. He did a great job and finished off the entire bowl! Welcome to the new type of poopys! Although, it really wasn't so does change the way I handle his cloth diapers though...perhaps it's goodbye to the easiness of those!

He went to Tayler's indoor soccer game last night and while Brian assisted in coaching, all of the moms passed him around...he was a hit! In other news, Tayler brought home a baby simulator this week and we had fun with that! He now understands a little bit more about the care of a newborn! Overall, we had a great a few weeks Chase will be taking his first flight as I am headed to a sister's weekend in Savanna, GA...I am really looking forward to taking Chase to the Coast. Hope everyone had a great week. Enjoy the pics!