Friday, March 20, 2009

6.1 months


These are so good!

Seriously, do you photograph everything?

Embarassing moment

Look at those lips...

Scooting around

Making a half circle

I can do it!

Happy St. Patty's Day

St. Patty Eve

Who me?

Daddy and me....

Mommy and me

Daddy teaching me to throw rocks (look at his face...guilty)

Party on daddy's shoulders!


I will not look up for the pic

Daddy letting me play with my first stick

Outside what?

Where are we?
This weekend

he fell

asleep everywhere


Fell asleep on mommy after up all night


Gloworm, I've missed you

This week flew by! Chase ate sweet potatoes for the first time and loves them! I made them in the food processor and loved that! I got 20 meals for $1.00! You can't beat it...and it is better for them. He scooted in a half circle this week and is fully sitting up on his own. He had a sleepless night but thank goodness that seems to be just a one night occurence. He is growing so fast and I think that he is getting hungrier. I decided to feed him lunch today and dinner...we will see how he responds. He ate three servings at lunch along with breastfeeding! His tooth looks like it will appear very soon and it may be accompanied by a friend! We will see!

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