Friday, March 27, 2009

6.2 months

I love eating food!

We're not quite done with this "toy"

Yay! I'm going to the beach this week!

I think I'll skip crawling and go straight to walking

Hang 10, dude.

Showing off my preppy spring style

My toes look so tasty....

Or maybe not so tasty....

notice the "orb" in the background...scary!

Mommy is being very funny!

Karin is out of town this week and so I am filling in for her. My comments aren't quite as clever but I'll do my best on the update.

-After some very long nights recently Chase has begun sleeping consistently from 8-6:30/7
-He has begun taking 1 1/2 hour naps
-We go to the doctor on Tuesday for his six month check-up but we think he's in the 14-15 pound range
-We moved him from the infant bath to the regular tub- he loved it and laughed so much at the rubber ducky
-He is sitting up consistently for long periods of time- he still doesn't like being on his belly but loves standing and trying to walk.
-We know it's early but we swear he is saying "hi" in Karin's southern drawl
-He took his first plane trip with Karin as they headed to Savanah, Georgia (his first trip to the beach as well)
-Sadly, the first time I've been away from him for several days
-He is still very curious, alert, loving and easy going-yes, he really does smile this much. I think he's getting used to the flashing camera

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Hedenbergs said...

I don't think it is too early for "hi"....Drew says it too! I'm always telling Drew "hi"- like a hundred times a day- and now he imitates it. He is also repeating "dadadada."

Don't you love this age?