Friday, March 06, 2009

5.3 months!

"WOAH people...WOAH!"

"Hmm.....let me see"

"Whatever we are doing...its fun!"

"Hey momma!"

"Woo hoo"

"Rolling on the bed=good times"

Pretty blue eyes
"What's going on here?"

"The force is strong with this one"

"Its as much of an action move I can give, okay?"

"I love when my daddy reads coupons off to me"

Chillin in my tunnel

"Come back here...I want to taste you"

"Daddy is so silly"

"Hey there!"

"This is one of my dad's favorite games"

"Daddy and me" (check out the chubby cheeks)

"Toes are AWESOME!"

"This was the first time I grabbed my toes!" (well actually the second...the first time I was naked)


Snazzy look

" I look innocent or what?"

"Hello block"

Notice the fingers in his mouth in EVERY pic!


"Snuggly.......I love you...but you are in the way of Baby Einstein"

"Mommy and me in my sling..going for a walk"

Chase is 5.3 months today! We had an eventful week this week. Last Friday, he began grabbing his toes and rolling while holding them. He had reached for them before, but this was the "official" time. It was right after I posted last week but that's okay. He is just so funny. Since he was about nine weeks old, when he laughs, he gets the hiccups...everytime. It is so cute to watch. He has been sleeping better this week; although, last night, he was up most of the night-teething and/or having gas.

I can't believe next week is solid food! Brian wants to hold off a while but we will see. He just wants to make sure Chase's digestive system is ready. This past week has been somewhat of a blur as I have felt under the weather and have been busy with work. But, I noticed at book club yesterday that Chase is developing "into his own". His personality is coming out more and he feels more like my "little man" than my newborn baby.
He has been squealing in delight this past week much more so than is so cute. His talking has also increased and it is oh so adorable. He also yells loudly when happy and when mad....he pretty much just wants us to hear him. I think he is testing out his lungs/voice. He continues to flirt with people at church and is a hit at our staff meetings...he had everyone laughing this week!
As you can see from the pics, he is teething like crazy but just the tip of the tooth is showing...not popped through yet. Well, have a great week! Come back next week for some possible pics of Chase covered in avacado!


Anonymous said...

I love the striped pants! I forgot that the toy turned into a tunnel! I'll have to get it back out for the boys!

Hedenbergs said...

Drew likes a similar game with Ben...they call it 'baby taco." :)

Hope you are feeling better!

Aimee said...

Oh, how FUN! It does just keep getting better as they change & grow. ENJOY!!!