Friday, November 28, 2008

11 weeks

Love this father, like son!

Chase and Mommy getting ready for our performance review

Dedication Sunday

Classic asleep in the chair!

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

My cloth diaper is cuter than yours:)

Daddy so excited about watching Madagascar on Blue Ray

Love this worm..and the cloth diaper

I am such a rockstar! Remeber the faux hawk? Just for you Nate!

This was an extra stocking we had for Cookie-but now its for Chase:)

Such a cute profile

Look at my train cloth diaper...too cute

Anniversary dinner-Daddy loves me so much!

"Hey, wait a minute!"

Yes, I am funny, brilliant, clever, and one of a kind

Just in case you wondered if we forgot about him:)

GO VOLS!! Love it Chris, Rachel, Sharon, and of course DAD!

Enjoy the picture parade from this past week. Chase is beginning to roll over more, differentiate b/t mom and dad, and continues to talk constantly. He is also beginning to giggle. He slept through the night a few nights ago from 9-6:30 am...very exciting! He is doing great with naps and follows the scheudle like clockwork. I did have to bring him to work with me for five hours and I am not sure how much longer that can happen. Thanksgiving was this week as well and ours pretty much stunk since we have no family here....We were invited to my boss's house, but my boys wanted to lay around and watch football all day....should they learn the meaning of compromise?? No really, I understand it was Chase's first Thanksgiving...they wanted to be here...Extroverts vs the Introverts...round 5,000!:) Did I mention I painted our bathroom upstairs? I did b/c I couldn't stand watching football all day....but I still have the edging to do and of course, now, I have a lot of things I want to hang in there, etc...

Brian also dressed Chase up in his first Christmas outfit and it was too cute....Of course, we also had his dedication this weekend...also without family here....(do I sound mad?:) But, we did stand next to some friends/old coworkers and they took some pics for us . In reality, for all of these events (dedication, Thanksgiving) we have one another and that is what counts. But, in a small town like we live, everyone is born and dies here, so they all have extended family to visit and its a constant reminder in your its hard not to get envious. I just try to be really thankful for the family I have:)

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Chase's Dedication

Big smile from a big boy.

"hey, i'm falling here!"

Chase with his rose and certificate of dedication

What is he doing with his left hand?

Chase says "hey"- some signature looks that are just so cute!

Our happy family.

Today we dedicated Chase at our church. It was a great moment since a year ago we couldn't have imagined him in our life. He is such a sweet, loving little baby. We all love him so much and are thankful to God for giving him to us in His time.
PS Thanks to Adam and Tamara for taking this pic..Who would've thought that we would be dedicating our babies on the same day and next to one another in line? God is so good:)

Friday, November 21, 2008

10 weeks!

Chase sleeping in his chair for the first time in 2 weeks
(he's been sleeping on mom or dad while he's been sick!)

Chase in his swing for the first time- not
quite sure what to make of it.

Dad "playing" with Chase

Chase looking cute.

Tummy time and lifting his head!

Same tummy time...looks like he's giving up but he's doing so good.
brotherly love

dad's so excited to put up the tree!!!

Chase is 10 weeks old today! This past week, he has still been sick. He had a better day yesterday but last night was up a lot due to stuffy nose. As far as recent developments, at his Dr. appt on Monday, he weighed 9 pounds 2 ounces!! We couldn't believe it! He gained 2 pds in 3 weeks. He is in the 5th percentile for height, weight, and head funny b/c Tayler has always been as well. Much to my surprise, he had his vaccinations even though he was sick. Poor guy:(
He is continuing to want to play more, tracks objects, and smiles ALL the time now. One funny thing he does is constantly moving his hands...if he is upset they move around fast, eating-slowly but still moving. It is quite funny-hard to explain-I will have to video it. He is talking non stop! It is so cute b/c he says ah goo-then we say it back and he will smile and say it louder than before....he is learning to communicate! He had some tummy time this week and was in his swing for the first time. Brian also put up the tree last weekend and our house has been filled with the smell of mulled cider, the sparkle of lights, and the sounds of Christmas music. I think Brian has officially converted me to being a little obsessed with Christmas!
On another note, I go back to work for my 15 hours a week on Monday. I have worked randomly the last few weeks but officially Monday is the day. Chase will be with me or Brian so I won't be leaving him but it will still be an adjustment. That is about it for this past week. We are dedicating Chase this Sunday so say a prayer for him! Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

9 weeks!


"Aah goo."

How precious!

"Where are we going now?"

Looking Snazzy

Christmas Pajamas!

Learning through osmosis...

Looking at his guardian angel?

Future small group leader- watch out Chad!

A long day of eating and pooping.

All the blonde Humes unite!

First time in cloth diapers. Doesn't he look thrilled?

But, at least he's clean after a nice bath.


Dr. Dad to the rescue

Chase being good while dad cleans the carpet

Dad in Christmas pj's while feeding Chase

I can't believe Chase is 9 weeks old. I say this every week, right? This past week, Chase has been following objects with his eyes and has been much more smily. He also had his first cold, so he has been attached to me for a week:) even in sleeping. So, I am VERY tired! He still has a stuffy nose but seems to be on the upswing. He also stayed with daddy for five hours on Saturday while I worked. You can see in the pic that he also had his first pumped bottle. Brian did a fabulous job and Chase loved having that special time with dad and big brother:) We ordered our first set of cloth diapers and we should start those next week. I put his first bumgenius on him today thanks to Sandy and Tara! These are bulkier than the ones I ordered but they are all one size so that is nice. I put a pic of him in his first cloth! I am so excited about these..I feel much better about putting cloth on him. Enjoy the parade of pictures from this past week.