Sunday, May 31, 2009

8.2 Months!

Chase is 8.2 months! He is cutting several teeth....the upper right facing tooth is popping through... it appears that his top two may also be coming in soon...the lower left facing is also bleeding...surely, he can't get four at once, right? I had somewhat of a melt-down on Memorial Day just from the third tooth-he is growing up too fast...

Enjoy the pics-some from a "water day" with Tayler and Shon last weekend. They took Chase outside and played with was so cute. Also, there are some of my beautiful brunch at Rick's Boatyard today for my birthday! It was so awesome and the best birthday in a while..a few things in life make me the happiest-some of which are family, dark roasted coffee, rich cheeses, good music, water front views, and good dry wine...I basically had all of these today at brunch. It was gorgeous and so relaxing. Brian did a great job with planning the day as well as picking out gifts.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

8.1 Months

Rock n Roll baby! (he just scooted twice)

Hi there!


I can eat this, right?

I love my parents bed!

Chewing is always good

I am so mad at you! UGH

Daddy's hair

Going on a ride

Daddy and me

Colts outfit from Byingtons

Yummy giraffe

Fun times

Token tree

I want to play!

Seriously...I want to play!

Shon and Tay give us entertainment

Go Tay!

Chase is 8.1 months old! This week he is sleeping 13 hrs at night! It is so nice. Now we just have to transition him to only two naps a day. For silly things this week, he is shaking his head back and forth like he is saying no but with a huge smile on his face. It is hilarious! I have been calling him "wild child" all week as his silly side is coming out more:) I think he was just trying to play his character as Brian spiked his hair this weekend to match himself. He is also beginning to have diversity in his speech as he is using more "vocabulary" Basically, new sounds.....:) He crawled one step this week and scooted twice today. His personality is emerging this week. We had a great but fast week!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Because everyone loves a good story.....

I have been doing some freelance writing on the side and am now blessed to be a contibuting writer for My first article will be published next week with the second coming out in July. I will continue to write for Ungrind along with volunteering for our church's e-newsletter/website writing member insiders, covering special events, etc. I feel so blessed and know that God ALONE deserves the glory. I love having this creative outlet and it has changed my life! Please check out the webzine; it is filled with authenticity and encouragement!

Friday, May 15, 2009

8 months!

Mother's Day

Like the grass...

the token tree in background

Mother's Day meal

Love Aunt Melody

Daddy and me

Mommy and me

Daddy again...

Mother's Day

Fun times

I wonder who dressed him today?

Chew toys rock!

Crawling practice


Big boy!

Happy day!


American baby:)


Tay's graduation! Cheering brother on!


Receiving Art Award

Hi there!

Sunlight is so good

My gee-tar!

Chase is 8 months old! He had a great week. Melody came to visit and we had a good time. We got to sit outside at a few restaurants and that was nice. Does anybody else feel like time is flying by? It is crazy! We are pretty sure Chase's first word is Hi and Hey. When I get him out of his crib, he says HIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiii or HEEEEEEEEEEeyyyyyyyyyy. It is so obvious and so stinkin cute. I am sure he is mimicking me as I say this to him about twenty times a day-but especially when I get him up from his crib. He continues to be such a laid back happy baby. Don't let laid back fool you...he loves to dance and bounce!

He sat through Tayler's two hour graduation last night with only a few peeps! I wanted to give a few too-so no worries there:) I think he will crawl soon....he came the closest yet today. It was so exciting! He had one knee up and scooted. He is also able to stand for much longer this week. Well, he wants to play so gotta go!