Sunday, May 31, 2009

8.2 Months!

Chase is 8.2 months! He is cutting several teeth....the upper right facing tooth is popping through... it appears that his top two may also be coming in soon...the lower left facing is also bleeding...surely, he can't get four at once, right? I had somewhat of a melt-down on Memorial Day just from the third tooth-he is growing up too fast...

Enjoy the pics-some from a "water day" with Tayler and Shon last weekend. They took Chase outside and played with was so cute. Also, there are some of my beautiful brunch at Rick's Boatyard today for my birthday! It was so awesome and the best birthday in a while..a few things in life make me the happiest-some of which are family, dark roasted coffee, rich cheeses, good music, water front views, and good dry wine...I basically had all of these today at brunch. It was gorgeous and so relaxing. Brian did a great job with planning the day as well as picking out gifts.

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