Friday, May 01, 2009

7.2 Months

Fun at Soccer

Good tmes!

Melissa plays with me

Woo hoo!
Tayler scores two goals!

Do I know you?

Love my baseball jammies!

So precious!

Going for a walk like a big boy!
Go TN!

Love his smile here

Lamb, I love you!

Playtime with Daddy!

Chewing on my bib

Love these rings!

Hey! So happy!

Say what?

Chew toys

What did I tell you spoon?! Gosh!

Oh happy day

Lunchtime fun!

Chase has had a good week. He is beginning to make "ah ah ah" sounds over and over he is trying to talk to us. He is sleeping great and through the night and having a great week. He has this new thing where when we get the camera out and he sees the red light, he grins so big....already a supermodel! He is sleeping on his side this week and Brian swears that he has seen him on the monitor asleep on his tummy with his thumb in his mouth. I have yet to see it...probably a good thing as tummy sleep scares me. I also transitioned him from four naps to three this week. I am deciding how long I will keep it at three before transitioning to two. Well, time for nap! I hope to post a video of him later today. Have a good week!

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