Saturday, May 23, 2009

8.1 Months

Rock n Roll baby! (he just scooted twice)

Hi there!


I can eat this, right?

I love my parents bed!

Chewing is always good

I am so mad at you! UGH

Daddy's hair

Going on a ride

Daddy and me

Colts outfit from Byingtons

Yummy giraffe

Fun times

Token tree

I want to play!

Seriously...I want to play!

Shon and Tay give us entertainment

Go Tay!

Chase is 8.1 months old! This week he is sleeping 13 hrs at night! It is so nice. Now we just have to transition him to only two naps a day. For silly things this week, he is shaking his head back and forth like he is saying no but with a huge smile on his face. It is hilarious! I have been calling him "wild child" all week as his silly side is coming out more:) I think he was just trying to play his character as Brian spiked his hair this weekend to match himself. He is also beginning to have diversity in his speech as he is using more "vocabulary" Basically, new sounds.....:) He crawled one step this week and scooted twice today. His personality is emerging this week. We had a great but fast week!

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