Thursday, May 31, 2007

Restoration Church...An Open Letter To Family and Friends

Dear Family and Friends:
Since I was in college I desired to start churches that would be innovative and intentional in reaching those who would not typically go to a traditional church. For the past eleven years I have served in various capacities at several churches that were started with this goal in mind. I have received much training and mentoring from people who are successful in the area of starting churches.

For the past year God has been stirring in mine and Karin's heart a desire to start a church in the Northwest Hendricks County area in Indiana. Karin and I moved here almost four years ago when I accepted a position at Pittsboro United Methodist Church. We love the people in this area and have a burden to see them be restored in their relationship with God and to live out their faith in the context of authentic relationships.

Northwest Hendricks County is approximately fifteen miles northwest of Indianapolis off of I-74. It has been named as one of the fastest growing areas in Indiana. This is evidenced in the numerous subdivisions and businesses moving into the area. As the community grows the number of those without a church home will continue to grow. We believe that there is a great opportunity to see many people come to faith and experience authentic relationships with others and with God.

We are answering a call on our life to start churches. Once the church is open I will be the lead pastor. Karin and I are spending the next couple of months in preparation, developing a team, hiring a staff and training. We hope to begin monthly services in August and weekly services in January 2008.

We will have partial financial support from the Central Indiana District of the Wesleyan Church. However, in order to provide my salary in full I am doing a few things. First, I am going to be working part-time. Second, there will be money provided by the District. Third, we will receive tithes and offerings beginning in August. Finally, I am asking family, friends and churches to consider partnering with us over the next six months beginning in July.

So, how can you partner with us? There are several ways. First, you can pray for us. This is a huge, exciting and scary undertaking. We are humbled that God would call us to this task and allow us to be His ambassadors in this community. Please pray that we will be faithful to follow God's leading and to stay humble, open and teachable.

Second, you can send us either a monthly financial support or a one-time gift. We are praying for a total monthly partnership of $1500. If just thirty people committed to $50/ month then we would meet our goal. Would you pray about how you can support us financially as we step out in faith to follow God's leading?

We are excited about what lies ahead for us. The church is named Restoration Church as we hope to see people restored to God, to each other and the Church restored to what God desires it to be. We will keep things updated on this website. Thank you, in advance, for your time, prayers and financial support. May God bless you richly.

In His Grip-

Brian and Karin Hume

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Contemplations (Karin)

Do you ever wonder what we as Christians are doing? What games we are playing in the name of Christ? We center our lives around a Sunday service all the while ignoring the real issues and demands of life. We sit next to one another not knowing what the person next to us is going through or has been through recently. Lack of connection leaves us thinking of where we'll go for lunch or how good it will feel for this one hour (Lord knows we can't go over that.... We Christians have an order to things and Holy Spirit-you need to move on our time table!)to get over with so we can get home to rest on the couch! Most of us are hurting inside wanting to scream for help while singing "Open the eyes of my heart, Lord" (all the while thinking MY EYES ARE WIDE OPEN, LORD and someone needs to tell me how to deal with this issue in my life!) There are many dangers in this.... one of them being that each of us feels like we are the ONLY ones feeling this way...are we weird? why can't we get it together? what is wrong with us? (and it doesn't help when the Pastor uses "you" statements instead of "we" or "us" statements)

What would Jesus see if He walked into our services? The reality is that He is already there; yet, we don't worship this way. Instead we have "praise" bands singing unto themselves! I believe that the majority of Christians want to get past this superficial existence; yet, it is this "entity" the church that stifles us. Pride, ego, and politics of the church (the entity-not the body of Christ) get in the way of true ministry. We are content with hearing pre-packaged sermons about reaching out, growing in our relationship with God, becoming like Christ...but in reality, we aren't ACTUALLY doing these things.....they are just nice things to say. We sit in bible study and debate what an author means in a particular sentence so that we don't have to actually LIVE OUT what the author is stating.

What is this about? We had this discussion last week at bible study and the majority of the class agreed that church today in America is more about money and power players than anything else. Think that sounds harsh? We also know that we can't point fingers either b/c you and I are also part of "we"

I want to resolve to not center my life around this entity but rather the body of Christ truly functioning as the Body. I want to live out the in love, having compassion for the hurting, giving the lost hope, restoring the broken to God. Shouting to the world that my God has redeemed my life! He has turned my ashes into beauty. He has taken me from the pit of despair and given me a hope and a future! Isn't this a more meaningful existence? (not easier, but more meaningful?)And regardless if it is meaningful or not, isn't it what we as Christians are called to....commanded of?

I hesitate to write b/c again I believe the majority of the Church (the Body) long to reach out, live REAL, minister the TRUE gospel (not the fake gospel we in America have created as our own god), bear one anothers burdens, pray for one another, and live in community. But, I also believe church as the entity needs to be exposed if Christ is really to be exalted.

I think of the verse that says "If the world hated me, it will hate you also." Don't be surprised when you try to live this out, if you experience this. When you read the NT, you see that Jesus was rejected by everyone....most of all by the religious leaders. So, if you are attaining to live out His "burning heart" in this world, be forewarned... that kind of living will not be received very well by all....But, consider it joy to share in the sufferings with Christ b/c then and only then can we see Him in His fullness.....and be made into His image.

Live your life to glorify Him in all you do! Ask God everyday to give you the blessing of HIMSELF! That is where true joy, peace, and contentment come from...entering into His presence and living by His Spirit. And by the way, you can't do any of this on your own, lest any one of us should boast, but rather in complete dependence on Christ everyday. Pray for His burning heart, to walk in REAL love (love that can be ugly to those around you).......for pure motives, and for the "eyes of your heart" to be opened to the world around you....and maybe even the person next to you in the pew.....singing with you..... and sometimes- even screaming on the inside with you.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Funny story!

You just gotta love those husbands!:) (and a post that starts off with that sentence, right?) Last week, I sent Brian to the store to get a few things. I have to give Brian props that he typically is a great shopper and he does do ALL of the grocery shopping. He truly has an expertise when it comes to Walmart/Target. People even joke with him b/c they see him at these places sometimes several times a day. So, in knowing this about Brian, I felt confident that he had learned terms of items for purchase....even those not involving Star Wars characters:)

So, I sent him out to get Oil of Olay face lotion/moisturizer. Well, much to my surprise, Brian came home with a big bottle of baby oil and a big bottle of lotion.:) When I looked at him with a smirk, he said "what? isn't that what you wanted?" Well, lets see, yes I do use lotion, but I have a brand new bottle on our dresser (they aren't the best with details are they?) and unless I was still 13 and using baby oil as tanning solution-(Yikes!)or ACTUALLY had a baby, from what I can tell, I don't really need the baby oil. That's okay babe-I still love ya! Can't blame the guy for trying!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two weeks and no longer in the 20's

So sad to say goodbye to the wonderful world of 29! Although, I must say I never felt like I was still in my 20's this entire year. 29 was just too close to 30! But, now if only I could go back one year and really enjoy my last year of being in my 20's. I set many goals that I wanted to accomplish before I was 30 and for the last month I have been fervishly trying to attain them:) working out at least three times a week, drinking eight glasses of water a day, cooking for my family (j/k gave up on that one a few years ago:)
So, yes I will officially be 30 soon! I can't believe it. Although I have a 12 year old, it is now that I feel grown up....scary! We own a home now and think about such grown up things like watering the yard and planting flowers! I am a big kid now:) I think I will say I am 20/10 for the next year.....I want to be in denial for a while! If I say this, can I also put my goals off?:)

Sunday, May 06, 2007

The old man is gone, the New man is here!

Tayler had his confirmation today along with his best friend, Jake, and a few others. Brian had the privileage of teaching the confirmation class for the last ten weeks. Tayler decided he would like to be baptized. He and Jake were able to be baptized together. My mom and Salome' were able to be here for the event. Several of his friends were also able to make it to his baptism service.

During the confirmation service, there was a slide show of each student growing up until present. That was nice. After the baptism, we went to eat with some friends, then went out to those same friends house and Tayler and Salome' rode go-karts and drove tractors. (after all he is a Mississippi boy:) They loved it!!

Thank you God for your faithfulness in our lives!