Sunday, May 06, 2007

The old man is gone, the New man is here!

Tayler had his confirmation today along with his best friend, Jake, and a few others. Brian had the privileage of teaching the confirmation class for the last ten weeks. Tayler decided he would like to be baptized. He and Jake were able to be baptized together. My mom and Salome' were able to be here for the event. Several of his friends were also able to make it to his baptism service.

During the confirmation service, there was a slide show of each student growing up until present. That was nice. After the baptism, we went to eat with some friends, then went out to those same friends house and Tayler and Salome' rode go-karts and drove tractors. (after all he is a Mississippi boy:) They loved it!!

Thank you God for your faithfulness in our lives!


emilie123 said...

How awesome! And is that your mamacita in the wagon!? Y'all look alike! :)

Samuel said...

WoW, My husband sited your blog and told me to tell you that he think your son seems to be a great kid and a true athlete. :)

Anonymous said...

I am so proud of Tay. Since he was little I always prayed that he grow to be a great man of God, and he is well on his way. I remember holding him, or rocking him before bed when I babysat, and I just prayed and sang to that sweet cute little one.
Oh the memories.