Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two weeks and no longer in the 20's

So sad to say goodbye to the wonderful world of 29! Although, I must say I never felt like I was still in my 20's this entire year. 29 was just too close to 30! But, now if only I could go back one year and really enjoy my last year of being in my 20's. I set many goals that I wanted to accomplish before I was 30 and for the last month I have been fervishly trying to attain them:) working out at least three times a week, drinking eight glasses of water a day, cooking for my family (j/k gave up on that one a few years ago:)
So, yes I will officially be 30 soon! I can't believe it. Although I have a 12 year old, it is now that I feel grown up....scary! We own a home now and think about such grown up things like watering the yard and planting flowers! I am a big kid now:) I think I will say I am 20/10 for the next year.....I want to be in denial for a while! If I say this, can I also put my goals off?:)


emilie123 said...

We do really need to do something special for your birthday.....Hmmm....any thoughts?

Samuel said...

you are going to have to tell me when and where the Birthday party is ( smile). I have to get you a gift for turning 30.
That was funny when you said you gave up on cooking for your family ( lollollol)...

Aimee said...

ah, 30 is not so bad!
I turned 3-0 last month and survived, heehee. Make sure you do something memorable for sure.