Sunday, August 30, 2009

11.2 Months and First Haircut

Pre-cut and lovin' the slide!

Mom helping Chase go down slide.

Before pic...

Getting ready for something that seems pretty important...

Not sure what to make of this haircutting thing.

Who are you and what are you doing to my hair?

Get me outta here!

Why is this car not going anywhere?

That buzzy thing is going where? Uhhh, I'll pass.

What does "I'll pass" mean people? Did I say it wrong?

Getting a fresh comb at the end.

What just happened?

Mom and Chase after the first haircut.

First taste of spaghetti.

You don't see me trying to get all these cords do you?

Friday, August 28, 2009

Who doesnt love to save money? some good sites for all you moms! (and dads if you are actually reading this and go shopping for your family:)

So, some good sites to go to for saving money on groceries are: I love this one b/c it is easy and you can request lots of free samples that will come in the mail in 6-8 weeks (I have pictured myself at the mailbox perplexed as to why I am getting free cereal or lip balm in 8 weeks or so, because I am sure I will forget :) I havent used her coupons yet b/c I was having trouble printing them but hope to in future. My friend, Amanda told me about This one is great b/c they load your coupons onto your Kroger card. She has informed me that if they have 10 for 10 sales, you can use your coupons and essentially get items for free. There is also which I have yet to visit, but that Amanda also recommended.

Now that I am only working part time, I am trying to teach myself how to save our family money. I want to be a good steward and help our family in this way. I have been taking baby steps so that I do not get overwhelmed. For some reason, coupon mom overwhelms me. But, I think that is b/c she has such a large audience since appearing on TV and her site has gotten too big. But, that could all be in my mind. Again, LOVE moneysavingmom. I have gotten free shakes, Chick-fil-A sandwiches, lip balm, cereals, fiber 1 bars, etc....I highly recommend this site

Feel free to leave any comments about how you save money! I would love to know!

On a side note,but way more important in the overall scheme of things, check out this blog. Simply.amazing. Brian and I thought for years we would one day do missions short or long term in Africa. I am not sure how much longer we can ignore that call...if indeed it is a call for us.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11.1 Months

This boy has ears like a hawk. We were trying to sneak in and take a picture of him. He flipped over and this is the "pose" we got.

I think he is a natural born swimmer. He loves the bath.

So happy!

We took Chase to get his one year picture and saw another rocket. Now we're on a mission to find all the toy rockets and take a picture of him in all the different sites. This one, Castleton Square Mall.


Crazy bed head.

Taylers first regular season soccer game

Chase not so happy to be at Taylers first regular soccer game.

But, is always happy to eat!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

11 Months

"Stop. Do you have your ticket to ride?"

Waving like he's in a parade.

He loves to "read" and will often grab a book and start saying "ba, ba, ba"

"Mom, you're so silly!"

Yeah, I'm pretty cool in my Star Wars shirt

Does not look so thrilled behind this walking toy.
Helping Chase play his instrument

Karin snuck up to Tayler and took his picture for the first day of high school

Savannah and Chase

Chase turned 11 months this week (or is almost a year-it depends on who you're asking about his age that will determine the answer you get). We are continuing to work with him on his walking and vocabulary skills. He has begun using the sign language for "all done" and we're working with him to learn "more".

He has discovered that he can flip over and crawl anywhere- not just the floor. This includes the changing table (which is especially bad when you're changing a poopy diaper) and the bathtub (which is OK until he gets a little water in his mouth).

Tayler started High School this week and is focused on making honor roll. He has his sights set on medical school and is determined to do well and earn scholarships. It was a strange transition for everyone this week but exciting.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All things domestic....(as I laugh in the background)

Since I am staying home full time (WELL... mostly-there IS Toasty Baby and writing for CP but now I dont go into the office at all... except once a month:)-I will be dedicating more time to all things domestic. One of these things will include coupons! I have been researching for quite a while. My only fear is that it would become a part time job...and I just had no time for that. But, I am finding some sweet deals and am quite excited about how much money I can save the family

On a side note-I will also be dedicating more of the blog to things such as this as well as encourgaement for other moms. I have successfully documented each week of Chase's last 11 months and plan to do that for the duration of his first year. However, I also miss having my blog as a way to write and encourage other bloggers.

If you use coupons, please let me know what you use and how much time it takes...even if you are follow the blog but have never left a comment, feel free to do so! I would love to hear from you. So far, I am mainly using Check it out!

Monday, August 10, 2009

10.4 months, BIG news, and a wedding!

Waving HI!

All tuckered out at 11 pm our time! a zone (Tayler wanted to take this pic)

Dancin with the boy!


Tayler danced a lot with Chase at the sweet

Tay dancin with Chase

The bride and groom first dance

They had cute water bottles for guests

They had sweet candies in these boxes

The boys!

Just us three...Tay wanted to take the pic

Going crazy with Connor

Daddy and Chase

dont was organic apple cider

I loved the hanging lanterns....(jars)

the flowers at each table

the setting was so beautiful

the nuptials:)

Bride and Father


Brian, Uncle Kevin and Chase

loved the fans they had for was HOT!

daddy and chase

Cousins..helping Chase walk

Chase LOVED the pool!

Tay and Chase outside of Hilton

Chase loves sorting mail!

Hi guys!

thumbs up!

playing at park

here ya go!

rocking horse daa scored at Goodwill!

Tayler kicking ball at park!

Chase is 10.4 months! We had a great week! We spent most of the week preparing to leave for Brentwood/Franklin, TN to attend Brian's cousin's wedding. Chase did great traveling. Of course, he was a little off from our travels, but overall he did great! The wedding was great and so southern! Thanks to Uncle Kevin, we stayed at the Hilton and enjoyed all of its ammenites...but the best part was seeing all the fam....

I wish we wouldve gotten more pics of the fam...but it was a little hectic and we didnt. In our BIG news, when we got home and put Chase down, he STARTED WALKING! It was so unexpected! I guess he was tired of being in the car seat, and was ready to go! We will post a video soon!