Sunday, August 16, 2009

11 Months

"Stop. Do you have your ticket to ride?"

Waving like he's in a parade.

He loves to "read" and will often grab a book and start saying "ba, ba, ba"

"Mom, you're so silly!"

Yeah, I'm pretty cool in my Star Wars shirt

Does not look so thrilled behind this walking toy.
Helping Chase play his instrument

Karin snuck up to Tayler and took his picture for the first day of high school

Savannah and Chase

Chase turned 11 months this week (or is almost a year-it depends on who you're asking about his age that will determine the answer you get). We are continuing to work with him on his walking and vocabulary skills. He has begun using the sign language for "all done" and we're working with him to learn "more".

He has discovered that he can flip over and crawl anywhere- not just the floor. This includes the changing table (which is especially bad when you're changing a poopy diaper) and the bathtub (which is OK until he gets a little water in his mouth).

Tayler started High School this week and is focused on making honor roll. He has his sights set on medical school and is determined to do well and earn scholarships. It was a strange transition for everyone this week but exciting.

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Anonymous said...

Happy 11 months Chase!! What a big boy, walking and talking and using signs!