Wednesday, August 12, 2009

All things domestic....(as I laugh in the background)

Since I am staying home full time (WELL... mostly-there IS Toasty Baby and writing for CP but now I dont go into the office at all... except once a month:)-I will be dedicating more time to all things domestic. One of these things will include coupons! I have been researching for quite a while. My only fear is that it would become a part time job...and I just had no time for that. But, I am finding some sweet deals and am quite excited about how much money I can save the family

On a side note-I will also be dedicating more of the blog to things such as this as well as encourgaement for other moms. I have successfully documented each week of Chase's last 11 months and plan to do that for the duration of his first year. However, I also miss having my blog as a way to write and encourage other bloggers.

If you use coupons, please let me know what you use and how much time it takes...even if you are follow the blog but have never left a comment, feel free to do so! I would love to hear from you. So far, I am mainly using Check it out!

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Jennifer said...

i use and save lots o' money at publix. she has everything spelled out for you for any store you may go to. great site!

i also try to cut my out and file them so it is easy to locate them...i did a post on that. you don't have to be that detailed though.