Tuesday, August 25, 2009

11.1 Months

This boy has ears like a hawk. We were trying to sneak in and take a picture of him. He flipped over and this is the "pose" we got.

I think he is a natural born swimmer. He loves the bath.

So happy!

We took Chase to get his one year picture and saw another rocket. Now we're on a mission to find all the toy rockets and take a picture of him in all the different sites. This one, Castleton Square Mall.


Crazy bed head.

Taylers first regular season soccer game

Chase not so happy to be at Taylers first regular soccer game.

But, is always happy to eat!


Leslie said...

He is getting so big! Adorable pictures!

I like the new music in the background!

indyhumes said...

Thanks Leslie! Brian puts all of the music on here!