Friday, April 24, 2009

7.1 months!

Stole this idea (to take the pic) from a friend...taken today/first time in cart like this. I was planning on him riding in it today then visited her blog and she took a pic of the very thing on Wednesday

He wasn't sure exactly how to hold was very funny

Brian letting him feed himself

In awe of Barney (Tayler is quite horrified) and..... Brian was quite pleased that he rented it:)

Daddy....they hurt!
Brian loves this pic b/c it shows how he sucks his thumb

Playing in the bath


Love bath time with Daddy!

Fun times....

I am thinking, I should eat this!

My new favorite chew toy

And....I will eat you too!

Hey there!

This dog barks!

Tayler doing Excel reports

So excited brother is home!

Just missed the shot

Ready, set, GO!

I can describe this week in one word: Teething! Enter all the pics with things in his mouth. His favorite-the remote. This week has been filled with grumpiness (coupled with happiness), no sleep, and one tired momma and daddy. His two bottom teeth are coming in. I finally purchased Hylands natural teething tablets today. I so hope they bring more relief to the little guy. Today, however, Chase has been sleeping great and is very happy!

One funny thing I have been meaning to write about is when he is ready to eat in his high chair. He gets a big grin then starts excitedly rocking back and forth. It is so funny to watch. He also bangs his legs on the matress of his crib when either waking up mad or trying to go to sleep. This is part of his nightly ritual and you can hear it downstairs!

Tayler had to job shadow me on Thursday. We all really enjoyed the day. I made him set lengthy goals, enter product tracking in Excel and note trends in sales, create schedules, send e-mails, and call volunteers all with Chase on his lap-it had to be true to my day:) He also cleaned the house. I am pretty sure he now realizes I don't watch soap operas all day-which was his previous assesment.

Yesterday, we also went to Tayler's track meet. I was just about to take some great pics of him doing the long jump when my batteries ran out of steam. But, these will have to do. I took some really cute ones of Chase with my phone.

We have had a good week. Chase is now to the point where if you give him something to play with, he is happy for quite a while. It is neat to watch him play. Although, I still get pretty sad that he is growing up too fast! last thought...I am pretty sure he is a genius as he can point to which things in his Big/Little book are little and which are first I thought it was luck until he did it several times.....(of course, it really probably was luck-but a mother can dote)
PS At the store today, all the ladies were asking me how old SHE was. And no, he wasn't dressed like a girl. We get this a lot at church too...and even in our family...My nephew has always called Chase she and her. Too funny. Poor guy

Friday, April 17, 2009

7 months!

Trying to show you my two bottom teeth coming through

Happy boy
My new best friend

Playing with my new fav toy from Uncle Scott and Auntie Laurie

We are tight

GOOD Mornin'

My new fav book from Daddy...yes, it is a Lamb

Let the good times roll

Playing in pillows!

Tay's first soccer game of season. They won 5-0 against Speedway

Chase squealed for Tayler!

Chase is 7 months! We are so excited that he has two bottom teeth popping through!! We noticed this yesterday....In sleep news, he is slowly getting back on schedule since vacation. He was getting up at 1:00, the next night 1:30, then 2:00, 2:30, 3:00, 3:30 and last night 4:15!! So he is slowly making his way back to sleeping through the night. He is such a structured funny little guy. He is starting to scooch all around his crib and is not too happy about it. Until now, he has been in a sleep positioner but he breaks out. He rolled onto his belly one night and was very upset about it:)
His personality is starting to develop. He has been shaking his head back and forth with a huge smile accompanied with squeals...this is his first attempt at being silly. I later found out that it is what Brian does with him. Brian says it is only the beginning of Chase being his mini clone...ha! At book club at our house, everyone comments about just how happy he is! They say he is the happiest, calmest baby! So sweet!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Chase and his baby Lamb

Taking direction:)

Easter outfit

Who me?

Playing with a new toy
What dad?

We had to subsitute grapes for eyes

In honor of our Fiesta:)

Easter Bunny!

Brian and Tay's eggs:)
Had to change into warmer clothing:(
Getting ready for the hunt

Capturing the moment...

Daddy loves this!
What is this thing?

Do I eat it?

Tayler-still a kid at heart

They are too silly!

Brotherly love

We had a great Easter. We attended Church (I worked all six services but attended the last one) We then had friends over for a Mexican Fiesta and Easter Egg Hunt. I was so excited to bake our new-traditional Easter Bunny cake. Brian and I both decorated him:) We had to get creative with the ears, nose, eyes b/c someone-not naming names- ate all of the jelly beans. We haphazardly thought that Walmart would have more...yea, right! In fairness, we were prepared as Brian went shopping throughout the week-I love how he loves Holidays. He even bought golden eggs for each kid to find..seriously, this is one of the reasons he stole my heart...
For Easter baskets, Tayler got the book Twilight and Chase got a baby Lamb....since he loves the Baby Lamb on Baby Einstein so much...

Brian and Tayler also decorated their second year tradition-Star Wars eggs on Saturday night while I worked the Saturday night services. This morning while I worked, Tayler hid the eggs for Cash to sweet. I couldn't wait for Chase to wear his darling Easter outfit-he was too cute. It was a great Easter with new, fun traditions! Since nothing says Easter like guacamole, I made a fresh, homemade batch and some fruit salad. My friend, Hannah, brought fresh, carnitas! It was awesome food and good times! It was nice to be around friends since our family isn't in town and celebrate in non-traditional style/traditional style.