Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Chase and his baby Lamb

Taking direction:)

Easter outfit

Who me?

Playing with a new toy
What dad?

We had to subsitute grapes for eyes

In honor of our Fiesta:)

Easter Bunny!

Brian and Tay's eggs:)
Had to change into warmer clothing:(
Getting ready for the hunt

Capturing the moment...

Daddy loves this!
What is this thing?

Do I eat it?

Tayler-still a kid at heart

They are too silly!

Brotherly love

We had a great Easter. We attended Church (I worked all six services but attended the last one) We then had friends over for a Mexican Fiesta and Easter Egg Hunt. I was so excited to bake our new-traditional Easter Bunny cake. Brian and I both decorated him:) We had to get creative with the ears, nose, eyes b/c someone-not naming names- ate all of the jelly beans. We haphazardly thought that Walmart would have more...yea, right! In fairness, we were prepared as Brian went shopping throughout the week-I love how he loves Holidays. He even bought golden eggs for each kid to find..seriously, this is one of the reasons he stole my heart...
For Easter baskets, Tayler got the book Twilight and Chase got a baby Lamb....since he loves the Baby Lamb on Baby Einstein so much...

Brian and Tayler also decorated their second year tradition-Star Wars eggs on Saturday night while I worked the Saturday night services. This morning while I worked, Tayler hid the eggs for Cash to sweet. I couldn't wait for Chase to wear his darling Easter outfit-he was too cute. It was a great Easter with new, fun traditions! Since nothing says Easter like guacamole, I made a fresh, homemade batch and some fruit salad. My friend, Hannah, brought fresh, carnitas! It was awesome food and good times! It was nice to be around friends since our family isn't in town and celebrate in non-traditional style/traditional style.

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Jennifer said...

Ya'll are a sweet family and you look great! Glad you all had a fun day! Chase is a doll.