Monday, August 10, 2009

10.4 months, BIG news, and a wedding!

Waving HI!

All tuckered out at 11 pm our time! a zone (Tayler wanted to take this pic)

Dancin with the boy!


Tayler danced a lot with Chase at the sweet

Tay dancin with Chase

The bride and groom first dance

They had cute water bottles for guests

They had sweet candies in these boxes

The boys!

Just us three...Tay wanted to take the pic

Going crazy with Connor

Daddy and Chase

dont was organic apple cider

I loved the hanging lanterns....(jars)

the flowers at each table

the setting was so beautiful

the nuptials:)

Bride and Father


Brian, Uncle Kevin and Chase

loved the fans they had for was HOT!

daddy and chase

Cousins..helping Chase walk

Chase LOVED the pool!

Tay and Chase outside of Hilton

Chase loves sorting mail!

Hi guys!

thumbs up!

playing at park

here ya go!

rocking horse daa scored at Goodwill!

Tayler kicking ball at park!

Chase is 10.4 months! We had a great week! We spent most of the week preparing to leave for Brentwood/Franklin, TN to attend Brian's cousin's wedding. Chase did great traveling. Of course, he was a little off from our travels, but overall he did great! The wedding was great and so southern! Thanks to Uncle Kevin, we stayed at the Hilton and enjoyed all of its ammenites...but the best part was seeing all the fam....

I wish we wouldve gotten more pics of the fam...but it was a little hectic and we didnt. In our BIG news, when we got home and put Chase down, he STARTED WALKING! It was so unexpected! I guess he was tired of being in the car seat, and was ready to go! We will post a video soon!

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