Saturday, November 15, 2008

9 weeks!


"Aah goo."

How precious!

"Where are we going now?"

Looking Snazzy

Christmas Pajamas!

Learning through osmosis...

Looking at his guardian angel?

Future small group leader- watch out Chad!

A long day of eating and pooping.

All the blonde Humes unite!

First time in cloth diapers. Doesn't he look thrilled?

But, at least he's clean after a nice bath.


Dr. Dad to the rescue

Chase being good while dad cleans the carpet

Dad in Christmas pj's while feeding Chase

I can't believe Chase is 9 weeks old. I say this every week, right? This past week, Chase has been following objects with his eyes and has been much more smily. He also had his first cold, so he has been attached to me for a week:) even in sleeping. So, I am VERY tired! He still has a stuffy nose but seems to be on the upswing. He also stayed with daddy for five hours on Saturday while I worked. You can see in the pic that he also had his first pumped bottle. Brian did a fabulous job and Chase loved having that special time with dad and big brother:) We ordered our first set of cloth diapers and we should start those next week. I put his first bumgenius on him today thanks to Sandy and Tara! These are bulkier than the ones I ordered but they are all one size so that is nice. I put a pic of him in his first cloth! I am so excited about these..I feel much better about putting cloth on him. Enjoy the parade of pictures from this past week.

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Holly said...

Love the smiley pics! I still have a hard time getting them to both smile for the camera at the same time, lol!