Friday, November 28, 2008

11 weeks

Love this father, like son!

Chase and Mommy getting ready for our performance review

Dedication Sunday

Classic asleep in the chair!

Rubber ducky, you're the one!

My cloth diaper is cuter than yours:)

Daddy so excited about watching Madagascar on Blue Ray

Love this worm..and the cloth diaper

I am such a rockstar! Remeber the faux hawk? Just for you Nate!

This was an extra stocking we had for Cookie-but now its for Chase:)

Such a cute profile

Look at my train cloth diaper...too cute

Anniversary dinner-Daddy loves me so much!

"Hey, wait a minute!"

Yes, I am funny, brilliant, clever, and one of a kind

Just in case you wondered if we forgot about him:)

GO VOLS!! Love it Chris, Rachel, Sharon, and of course DAD!

Enjoy the picture parade from this past week. Chase is beginning to roll over more, differentiate b/t mom and dad, and continues to talk constantly. He is also beginning to giggle. He slept through the night a few nights ago from 9-6:30 am...very exciting! He is doing great with naps and follows the scheudle like clockwork. I did have to bring him to work with me for five hours and I am not sure how much longer that can happen. Thanksgiving was this week as well and ours pretty much stunk since we have no family here....We were invited to my boss's house, but my boys wanted to lay around and watch football all day....should they learn the meaning of compromise?? No really, I understand it was Chase's first Thanksgiving...they wanted to be here...Extroverts vs the Introverts...round 5,000!:) Did I mention I painted our bathroom upstairs? I did b/c I couldn't stand watching football all day....but I still have the edging to do and of course, now, I have a lot of things I want to hang in there, etc...

Brian also dressed Chase up in his first Christmas outfit and it was too cute....Of course, we also had his dedication this weekend...also without family here....(do I sound mad?:) But, we did stand next to some friends/old coworkers and they took some pics for us . In reality, for all of these events (dedication, Thanksgiving) we have one another and that is what counts. But, in a small town like we live, everyone is born and dies here, so they all have extended family to visit and its a constant reminder in your its hard not to get envious. I just try to be really thankful for the family I have:)


Anonymous said...

He is getting so big, and yet he's so tiny! I'm glad we're able to watch him grow each week... :)

TheTimmTamClan said...

Aren't the cloth diapers huge??? We practically had to bump up to the next clothing size when we started using them! He is simply adorable...