Friday, November 07, 2008

8 weeks!

Time definitely flies when you are having fun! I was telling someone this week that I have never been more fulfilled in my life. I am the happiest I have ever been and feel I have finally found my true self. I often think I am living a dream and need to pinch myself. I feel truly content and overjoyed. I am totally in love with this little boy! Well now that you are all teary:)....
This week Chase is beginning to want to "play" more. He likes to look around, sit outward on my lap, and play airplane. (modified version of course) He has been drooling a lot this week and making the cutest bubbles. He was worn in the wallababy for the first times this week (pics above), visited Mom2Mom for the first time, went on several walks, attended small group, and visited my office at work/church. He is continuing to smile and say "ah goo." He still loves jazz and sleeps to it most of the day. We listen to Baby Einstein in the car. We LOVE music! He has stuck to his schedule all week and is doing well on the E.A.S.Y schedule. I will be leaving him tomorrow for the first time for a five hour workday. I am having a hard time leaving him and have already shed many tears over it. Hopefully, that goes smoothly and we will both enjoy it. I have typed out his schedule for Brian and I think he and Tayler look forward to an all boys day. Here are some pics from this week. Enjoy!


Deb said...

Adorable boys!

Sorry to intrude on your blog, but I am trying to get in touch with Holly at thedalyboys.blogspot.
If she sees this I hope she will contact me through my blog

Anonymous said...

I cannot believe how big he's getting... he's so precious. I'm glad I'm getting to share some of these amazing moments with your family.:)