Friday, February 27, 2009

5.2 months!

Happy boy!

Fun times

"Hi mom!"

"Hey, its weekend mommy!"

Weekend mommy to the rescue!



"Hey...come back here"

"Wait.....what is this thing?"

"Is it on straight? I can't see"


"Please don't touch me"

Yummy water bottle"

"Daddy teaching me all about the force"

"So that is who Yoda is?"

" was Yoda making me a Jedi?"

Arm wrestling game....unfair advantage!

"Hey, dad...let me win!"

"Ducky and me....we're tight"

"Who knew towels tasted so good? "

"Chillin on my boppy"

"This is me teething"

"Cookie, seriously...a haircut would be nice"

"Daddy loves for me to sleep on his chest"

"I like wearing my bathrobe like mommy in the morning"


"Fancy meeting you here again"

"Daddy is trying to make me grow up too fast!"

A stroll on a nice but windy day...see his face!

"Daddy standing me up"

Mr mouthy!

"Again, making me grow up too fast!"

This is how I look after orajel!

"You are here EVERYDAY"

"Daddy wants to teach me history...since I will be the next President and all"

"But.....I'd just rather eat the movie...plenty of time for politics"

"Hey momma!"

"You filmin' this?"


"Daddy feeds me!"

"Tayler holds me during dinner....nice....but I want his food!"

Chase is 5.2 months! It has been a week of firsts around here. It has also been a trying week with Chase teething and a growth spurt? He has been waking up SO much throughout the night this week.....can you say exhausted? I hope he gets over this begin to wonder if he has forgotten how to sleep through the night? He rolled over from his back to belly (the first time with Brian while I was cooking:() But, I did get to see him as he did it over and over again without any trouble. He also is reaching out for everything. He could reach before, but now it is more obvious. (upward and outward) He also has found his love for our water bottles this week...chewing on them is his new favorite past time...

It is so cute b/c he will reach out for us now......adorable. Kisses are new this week as well. When I got him out of bed, he grabbed my face and gave me three kisses! At first, I thought he was just trying to chew on my face, but once he repeated it, it seemed obvious to us that it was kisses. He has yet to do it again so who knows? He is sitting up for longer periods of time by himself...longest is about two minutes. Brian has dubbed himself, "weekend mommy" It is so funny to watch him say "Where's mommy? I am weekend mommy" Brian also introduced him to Star Wars this week, made up several new games to play with Chase, gave him a history lesson, and put him in the stroller without his car seat! We had a great week but I need sleep!


Anonymous said...

I recognize that bathrobe! So cute on him :) Hope you get some good rest! The boys FINALLY did a long stretch- 7:30-5:30!

TheTimmTamClan said...

He's getting so big! How is the food going?