Friday, February 13, 2009

5 months!

"I am not sure about this"

Mommy helps me and look at my rosy cheeks:)

"You are fun to bang!"

"Hey, come back here!"

Daddy helps me

"I got THIS people!"

Happy smiles starting my day

"I want to chew on you"

"Hey Snuggly"

"I love you too Ducky"

Tough guy (from Rachel)

So comfy

Daddy is home!

"Party on the floor!"

This one shows how small he really is

Mommy and me going outside
"Hey, I know you"

"My mom is taking lots of pics today"

Chase is 5 months old!! He is doing really well..He sleeps 12 hrs most nights. He has a very structured routine during the day. If I variate, he gets pretty thrown off and unhappy. His tooth looks like it will soon pop through. He loves to talk and chew his hands. He can roll over almost all the way from back to belly. He is having seperation anxiety when I try to leave him for work or FPU. I am in the process of researching baby food making at home. I will be making all of his food at home and using only organic foods. We will begin food when he is six months...March 12th! He loves for me to sing to him and it is so sweet to see his big smile when I start singing, "Jesus loves me" (when we karokeed Tayler suggested I sing this b/c he hears it non stop:)

We started the sippy cup with water only yesterday. He did really well and was able to grab the handles and put the cup to his mouth. We were quite surprised by this. We were even more
surprised that it was time to introduce the cup. However, he was obviously ready! We are starting to see some of his likes and dislikes/personality emerge. His rebellious side also came out the other day and he "threw a fit" a few times when going down for a nap. In fairness, his teeth were really bothering him. But, it was the first time, I have seen him really do this. I can't believe that he is growing so fast. We anticipate his milestones though and they are so fun to watch!

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TheTimmTamClan said...

I can't believe how big he is! Good luck with the food...if you have any questions let me know. I have a great book you can take a look at if you want. That is if you ever come around M2M again...