Thursday, February 19, 2009

5.1 Months

Outfit he came home from hospital in

So darn cute....won't fit much longer (look at those chubby legs)


Sweet, rosy, chubby cheeks

Eating my arm

Mommy gives first bite

I am doing good

Daddy's turn

"What is this again?"
Tayler's turn


"Ah, so good!"
"What now?"

Tayler is so silly
Daddy is home


He gets so mad at this doesn't cooperate when he wants to chew it

Daddy time

Mommy time
Famous snazzy look


Brotherly love

"Cookie, you need a haircut..but I still love you"

"Daddy, wake up...its party time!"
What's better than smiles and drool?

"Yes, I am Dad!"

A little do over

Brian having oh so much fun

Putting it all together
New table...finally

"Hey there"

Lovin my puppy dog

Daddy is so silly

I am in my Moses basket

Big news this week...and no, not just that we were picture happy! Chase started cereal on Sunday. I felt so guilty each time he stared and drooled while watching me eat. He did so well eating two servings the first time! I haven't given it to him everyday but most days. He has been pretty fussy all week teething. But, he seems to be on the upswing.

We took Chase for a photo shoot on Tuesday...can't wait to see those pics...we have a viewing this Tuesday. In other news, we finally got a new table/chairs. I have been busy with work this week but it has been a great week for us here!

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