Saturday, October 18, 2008

Five Weeks old!

Some of the new developments this week are weight gain and recognition. Chase had a Dr's appt and as you can see from the pic, he wasn't so happy for part of the visit. Unfortunately, he had to receive the second part of his Hep B vaccination. I teared up! On the positive side, Chase gained 11 ounces in 10 days and grew 1 and a 1/2inches! It feels like such an accomplishment when you are breastfeeding for your little one to grow!:) Chase also began to recognize his little toys hanging from his chair for the first time..see pic above. That was pretty exciting-it's the simple things! He has always somewhat liked the bath, but this week he REALLY liked it, not crying once! I think this was due to Brian adding more water and achieving the optimal temperature. In Tayler news, his football team finished the season undefeated and are the Conference Champs! Soccer ended today as well-they had a good season but lost game one in the playoffs by 1.

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Tara Jin said...

sounds like you're enjoying your boys!!!