Friday, December 19, 2008

14 weeks!

When I put him under here, he grinned so big!
(look at that double chin!)


So happy!
I love playtime with my daddy!
First time in here-he held his head up so well

"I'm not sure about you"

My mommy is working and ignoring me:(

Since when did my living room become a play room?
Does this bring back memories Rachel?
My brother is the best!

Such an innocent face

"Hey, can't SOME things be private?"

Chillin' again

Finally passed out for mommy

Drooling is the life!


Chillin' with my daddy!

Power to the people

Chase is growing up too fast! This week, he has made us laugh so much. When we are playing with him, he arches up his back and grunts like he is trying to get to us. If we laugh, then he does it over and over again. So funny! He is also beginning to chew on his hands and rub his arm in his mouth. We think he might be teething....very soon, but it is possible. Tayler began to teeth at four months. This would make more sense out of the runny/stuffed up nose and low grade fever. He began drooling a lot around nine weeks-the first time we thought he was sick-so who knows? He is also beginning to rub his eyes with his hands....representing great hand eye coordination. And in biggest news, he laughed for the first time yesterday! I was so excited but have yet to get him to do it again. This has been a busy work week for me so I am ready to slow down and enjoy my time with him over the Holiday season. To use Brian's words, "It's going to be a TN Christmas!"

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Holly said...

I love the pics of him in the walker! Malachi has been teething for months and still doesn't have his first teeth, so it's possible that Chase could start now, but not get his teeth for a few more months...