Friday, January 02, 2009

Christmas 08 (and 15 week update)

Too precious for words

Ocean wonders rock!

15 week pic

Snazzy famous look-new outfit

Playing in my santa outfit:)
Dad's stocking

Mom's stocking

Tayler's stocking (that has his first name on it-Christian)

Football cards rock!

Tummy time!

"Xbox live! Yes!"

Another toy for my playroom! Woo hoo!

Clothes again?

Dad got me my first Cowboy outfit:) -for those of you who don't know-Tayler had an obsession with shirts and pants like these in his toddler years-lol

Asleep after Christmas Eve Service

Tayler's new love, Chess

Dad got gifts this

Opening Batman

Hooray for Sugar cookies!
Goofball with new pj's

Opening our Christmas Eve pj's

Making the cookies!

Big brother!

"I love you too, Cookie"

Ocean wonders gift

Short prayer cards for hubby and children:)

Chase's first Christmas gift

This year was Chase's first was very memorable- but of course- went by too quickly. We attended our Christmas Eve service (I worked five hours of it) then we came home, watched movies, and ate the traditional sugar cookies that Brian and Tayler make (homemade icing and all:) Tayler held Chase all throughout the service and those around us commented on what a great big brother he is. He even got him to sleep. When we got home, we opened our traditional pj's. We do this each Christmas Eve.

Christmas morning, we had our traditional sausage casserole along with Brian's mom's famous monkey bread (the casserole was her's as well) Tayler made us a gift this year. He made a scrapbook of our wedding pictures. It was very thoughtful and it meant a lot to us that he made us a gift. He made creative subtitles for each page as well. We opened gifts then watched sports (of course) We topped the day off with Christmas movies and packing for our trip to TN. It was a great Christmas. We are so thankful for all God has given us.

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