Friday, January 23, 2009

19 weeks!

Handsome boy!

Chillin in the morning

Mommy is working

I am so happy Tayler was home today!

Daddy practicing with the Bjorn

I love my worm

Bumbo time is fun!

Tayler is so silly

I just rolled over!

MLK day downtown...

Really, he is so silly

Fun times!

I love talking to my monkey while I get my diaper changed!

I am sitting up!!

It is...........

impossible to..........

get a picture of me smiling!

Famous snazzy face

So warm...

First pic with a large animal to chart my growth!

Sir Drool a lot!

Woah momma!

Hi friends!

My Dr. is the best ever!!

Chase is 19 weeks old!! He absolutely loves patty cake! He gets so excited when you do the "roll em up, roll em up, throw them in the pan" He also loves Baby Einstein..which I stated in another post. He is talking "up a storm" these days and it is so very cute. He loves to stand up with his arms raised and for us to say Superman!! This is his new nickname:) He still rolls over everytime he is on his belly. He went for his well baby visit/shots yesterday..3 is our lucky number..he gained 3 pds, and 3 inches...weighing in at 12.2 and 25 inches long. He finally got out of the 5th percentile and is 10-25 in height, 10 head circumference, and 5 in weight. YAY!

When a friend from work says "Hi Chase", he shrinks his shoulders back and gives a big is hilarious. He did it over and over again. He is such a flirt! I think he is scared of the camera. He will be smiling so big...when I take out the camera, he stops right is so hard to get a pic of him smiling. He is still sleeping through the night going 12 hrs. I do feed him at 10:30 though, so he is only 8 hours without a feeding. He had some stranger anxiety the other night at church. We were attending our first session of Financial Peace University. He cried so hard they came and got me. I have never seen his face so red. The pediatrician confirmed that this was most likely the cause. He actually asked us if we had experienced I answered...yes, I think we just did!

His tooth has yet to break through but you can see the white under the skin. He can stay in the exersaucer much longer now...holding his head up for a long time...about ten to fifteen minutes without wobbling back and forth. We did the spoon test to see if he was indeed ready for food....after the mouth open, drooling at the dinner It appears he is ready. But, I will probably still hold off for a while. The Dr. said it was fine to wait until 6 months...I don't want to rush anything. I know there was more I wanted to write, so hopefully I remember those things. ..I need to start writing them down as they happen so I don't forget!!


Holly said...

Yeah for Chase! He's doing so great! I love that green sweater on him... too cute!

Hedenbergs said...

Chase looks especially cute in that green sweater!

Jennifer said...

He's a cutie!! Love the 1st pic!