Friday, January 16, 2009

18 weeks!

I am such a big boy! He stares at our food and drools with his mouth wide is hilarious!

'Check out my mad grabbing skills"

Lovin my daddy

"Let me see here"

Watching Baby Einstein...he loves it so much..he talks to the babies and kicks so much out of excitement!

Chillin in the bumbo

"You sound like Cookie, but you don't look like him?"

LOVE this book

Swing time

"Rockin' it on my gee-tar!"

Chase is 18 weeks old! We have had very exciting developments this week. He sat in his high chair for the first time while we ate dinner. He only does well for about ten minutes then slumps over. He is continuing to teethe but nothing has broken through. In the biggest news, he slept through the night several nights waking up at the exact same time each day...7 am. So he is going 12 hrs! YIPEE! We are working on sleep training this week trying to get him to take longer naps. He only naps 45 minutes to the minute each time! At least he is consistent! He is still rolling over each time we put him on his belly. He can also sit up for five seconds on his own. Our little baby is growing up!


Anonymous said...

Good for Chase for sleeping through the night! Mine still don't, lol! They'll go from 7 till 5, but then need to eat and back to sleep till 8. and they are not good nappers during the day. The take 2-4 short naps, the most they've ever slept was 1 hour during the day... doesn't matter if they sleep together or apart, they just do better with shorter, more frequent naps.

Anonymous said...

He is precious! Love the pics:)

Anonymous said...

That top picture is oh so cute!!! Love, Rach

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures. He is truly an adorable baby boy! I can tell he is happy. I miss the pics of his brother, also. Have a great day and you are all blessed!!