Monday, January 12, 2009

17 weeks!

Cutest boy in the world:)

"What is floating above my head?"

"Such relief"

"I love it when Daddy gets home"

"So what my clothes don't match"

Tummy time!

UT baby!


"Bathtime is the best"

The bibs are comin' out


This is how he finally passed out fot three hours after a painful day of teething

"I can hold my head up"

"Woah, maybe not so much"

Pretty blue eyes

"Yea that's me"

I sat up for five seconds!

"Where are we going now?"

Why the sad face?

"My snuggly"

Chase is 17 weeks! He is teething "somethin' serious" but really only had one bad day. We finally brought out the bibs b/c of the drooling. He is grasping really well and holds onto to us tight. We are getting back on schedule and trying to help him sleep longer than 45 minutes at naptime. He still gets up once at night but did sleep through the night once this week (he was exhausted from teething) He still flirts with everyone and is a big hit wherever we go!

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Jennifer said...

He is a cutie!!