Friday, January 30, 2009

20 weeks!

"Hey everyone!"

Highchair time...."now when do I get food?"

My battlewounds from the Dr

Patty cake, Patty cake

"You taste good!"
Bumbo time

"Hey Rubberducky..come back here!"

"Cookie!, no kisses"

Daddy and his clone!

I love my mommy!
Tummy time and drool go hand in hand

I am rolling over

I love my dog!

So happy!

Two smiles in a row that mommy caught on film!

Chillin while Mommy works


My first big snow!

My snuggly

"What are you doing daddy?"

Chase is 20 weeks old! He had a great week and I was able to finally get him smiling on camera! He is starting to kick his legs when doing tummy time. Of course, he isn't on his knees so we don't have to worry just yet about crawling. But, he is showing the first signs of wanting to move. He grabbed his toes last week but only once..he is beginning to bring his legs/toes up a lot so I don't think it will be long yet. He is still sleeping through the night and is beginning to take the hour and a half naps here and there. He has been teething the last few days and while he is still smily, you can tell he just isn't himself. Brian loves going to get him up in the morning. He says it is the best part of his day b/c Chase smiles so big. Brian dressed Chase for church Sunday with a matching outfit to his. It was so cute that we each took a picture with him.

He is still loving Baby Einstein...he hears the Cd's ALL of the time...they play continuously in his room, we play them in the car, and we watch the DVD's..brain enrichment here we come! I love watching him watch the DVD. When Baby Lamb comes on, he smiles so big...he just loves that lamb. In other news, we had over one foot of snow this week and took Chase out...but just for pics of course. Tayler had a day off of school and two school that was nice for Chase to have more time with him. Tayler also had his first indoor soccer game. He was so pumped last night as he hasn't had much activity this winter. Brian took pics but they didn't turn out great..they never do in the gym:( Next weekened, we are going out of town for my nephew's Star Wars, Jedi training camp, birthday party...let's just say Brian is so excited!

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