Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ugliest Christmas Sweater Party!

Hilarious.....Brian did great with picking out our sweaters
(If you recognize your sweater, then you donated it to Greenwood Goodwill-or one of its participating Indiana locations:)

The ultimate Christmas card pic!

Who's the ham now?
Look at that grin:)

Even she thought his was the ugliest sweater....

No, Chase look this way

Only tough men wear women sweaters....

Seriously, I look like I will love wearing this in 20 years!
(I tried to really play up the look with the turtleneck and all:)

Our small group had an ugliest Christmas sweater party. I definitely thought we should've won...but Loren took the much detail on his sweater:) We had food and played the Newlywed game.-to which I continued to try and shout out the answers when it was Brian's turn to answer..can you say ADD? And once again, we should've won but the Marriage and Family Therapist beat us by one...go figure:) We also did white elephant and I got some great hand soap..thanks Hannah! We have had a good time getting to know our small group and it has been a fun year with them. Enjoy the pics!

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Hedenbergs said...

So funny! Can you believe that someone actually paid money for those sweaters at some point? :)