Friday, December 12, 2008

13 weeks and going strong!

Snoring with daddy!

asleep in swing for first time

Swing time and workday

Facebooking with momma

Go vols!

Love my footed pj's

He has officially moved to the crib!

Tayler entertaining chase at dinner

Advent -I look a little tired:)

Chase is 13 weeks old! I am having a hard time with him growing up. He has officially moved to his crib for naps and nightime sleep. This was not easy for me. It seems like we just bought that bassinet-the day we first saw him on we are putting it away. Just yesterday, I went through our old post when we announced we were pregnant, and just has just been such a life changing, meaningful, wonderful experience...there are really no words to describe it. He is continuing to smile and I swear he is brilliant! Several times, we asked him if he was finished eating and he nodded all three of us! It was hilarious and shocking! He went to the nursery for the first time this past week and was in the care of a wonderful NICU nurse. He probably won't go back for a while though b/c of the whole sick baby thing. He is still going to work with me on Monday and doing great participating in staff much input:) Once he gets tired though, it is hard b/c he cries and wants to be in his bed...I feel guilty.

He had his first time at the table with us and his first time with Advent. We are a little behind but he got to hear his daddy lead us in favorite thing ever! He also "watched" his first movie when we hosted small group this week-Expelled..he loved it:) He is still smiling a lot but is sick again! It never turns into bad sick, just low grade fever, running nose for a few days. Poor little guy...he doesn't feel good today. He is such a strong boy though and is still moving and grooving all the time! This pic of he and Brian-I love. When I work out at night, Chase sleeps on Brian. They were both snoring in this was so funny! He is asleep in the swing right now-for the first time..worn out after grocery shopping. We had a long trip preparing for Tayler's birthday party tomorrow. Enjoy the pics!

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