Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tayler's 14th Birthday!

Tayler's slideshow

Party like a rockstar!
(A bear's gotta party too:)

No, I brought the best gift...

Daddy and Chase

I LOVE having parties!

Girlfriend of 2 years!

Chewbacca makes a guest appearance:)

He said "did you get my sweatband in the pic?"

Yea, so exciting...

So serious

So cute...

I got skills........

Aw...Cookie makes a new friend

Yea, this speaks for itself...

"Who me?"

Couldn't stop laughing

Blowing the candles out

Card from Aunt Rachel

$50! I can't believe it!


She has wanted to hold him for a long time!

Chillin' with the boys....

This was like our 15th try!

Tayler had his party on Saturday to celebrate his 14th birthday. I know, crazy right? He made a slide show of his life from birth to 14 with graphics and music. It was awesome and he did a great job. We had a Madagascar theme-as it is apparently hilarious to regress to toddlerhood when you are a teenage boy:) Brian also got a strobe light and each of the kids glow sticks, glow bracelets, and the such. The boys set everything up really well and handled the party this year as I am preoccupied with sick Chase and work.

He had several guy friends over that are the "usuals" every year. It is neat for us to see these lasting friendships and the same kids come back year after year. He also had two new friends who came this year. Emma (his long standing gfriend-you've seen her on the blog before:) and her best friend came as well. They are cuties! Tayler was such a "ham"-to which he said "Did you just call me a ham?" lol He was smiling from ear to ear, dancing around, and playing with all his mad guitar skills during the Guitar Hero competition. He was able to buy himself an IPOD touch..which we were happy about-now we have something new to use for leverage:) In making his slideshow, we were looking at old baby pics of him...I got teary remembering his birth. Time really does fly! I took a lot of pics so enjoy the show!

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