Saturday, December 06, 2008

Chase at 12 weeks- can you believe it?!

Chase is bundled for his first Indiana snow day!

Chase in his Bumbo

Karin's Uncle Dean and Aunt Kim sent us this awesome ornament!

You can't tell it but he loves his swing

He's making "friends" with the animals on the swing.

The guitar (no surprise) is one of his favorite toys.
In case we haven't said- Chase LOVES all music and dancing and often falls asleep to classical

Keep in mind we thought our camera broke mid-week but there have been so many great developments- from Chase tracking me and Karin to him sleeping in his crib during naps! He played in his swing this week and is learning to play in his "wake-up chair". He is definitely sleeping longer through the night and even slept through the night this week. He has only woken up once every 4-5 hours during the night for eating. We are discovering what toys he likes and doesn't. Also, he is getting better with tummy time and should be rolling over any day now. He is very affectionate and very expressive in his facial expressions. He also sat a little bit in his bombo. We will take double the pics this week to catch everyone up.

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Aimee said...

ENJOY - ENJOY, before you know it Chase will be 12 months old. You know how fast the time goes. Cherish. There's nothing like a daddy with his baby! I love that last one.