Thursday, April 26, 2007

We're number 1!!! Or Are we...?

Some of you know that I (Brian) have been in a bowling league since January. I wanted to go hang out with some guys and I used to bowl when I was a kid so I thought this would be a fun thing to do. I asked some guys and we signed up. When we got to the first night they split us up into two teams of two. My teammate is Rich Reed. We never, in a million years, would have thought that we would do any good- it was just an excuse to go do something.

We started off poorly but we had fun. Before long we were in fifth place then after a couple more weeks we were in third. We stayed in third forever and fell to fifth again. But, it was temporary before we blasted into second place.

We didn't think too much of it because the team behind us was right on our tail and we were way behind first place. However, in the last few weeks of play we had an opportunity to play the first place team and pull ahead. We had come within two points of them. Unfortunately we each won two games that night and we stayed in second.

Finally, the next to last week we pulled ahead by four points. We showed up to our last night of bowling and looked at the rankings and could not believe it. All we had to do was win two games and we would tie- win three and we would win!

The team we played against was awesome. One of the guys didn't show up and the one that did bowled over 200 every game. We bowled decent and Rich had his best game ever.We did enough to win temporarily but if the other bowler shows up then it might be another story.

At the end of the night we are in first place but everything can change in a week. But, I have been told that we locked it! Wow. We just entered the league for fun and ended up winning the whole thing. I got us trophies because I was told there weren't any. However, at the end of the night they told us to come back next week to pick up trophies for the first place team (that's us!). So, now we will have two trophies from this season.

So, feel free to leave a congratulatory comment- I am now part of two "championship" teams- the 2005 waterball champions and now the 2007 Nascar Bowling League Champions! Not the most prestigious but still I'll take what I can... We'll know for sure next week if we won. If we did not then this blog will just become a big sad face:( But, if we still win then I will post pics of my team holding our trophies!

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The Thief said...

I can almost hear "We are the Champions" playing!