Saturday, June 27, 2009

9.2 Months and Happy Birthday Brian!

Chase had another great week! He is back to sleeping 12-13 hours now that his teeth have popped through. Thank you Jesus! Brian's birthday was Thursday. We decorated the house for him and when he came home surprised him with gifts and presents. My mom is in town and we all went to dinner. I think it was a great day for him. I made him breakfast that morning to start the birthday off right!:)
Tayler and I had so much fun buying his gifts-as he always goes above and beyond. It was fun to give that back to him. Chase is babbling like crazy with all new sounds. Tayler wanted to put the pack in play together so Chase has spent some time in there this week. We are trying to work on crawling-I think the problem is that I don't put him on his belly enough. So wish us luck!

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Reannon said...

Ooo I like Brians cake! Didnt know he is a Star Wars fan. You should let me take a crack at making a Star Wars cake sometime :)