Wednesday, August 25, 2010

15 miles of torture!

According to our fab 14, this should've said 2:33

(right before we jumped in the pool)

Friday night, Jenny and I set out for our 15 miler with great expectations. By mile 2, those were crushed for me as it was 87 out and way to hot to be running such a far distance. The sun was literally beating down on us and I was squinting to see from mile 2-4. Around mile 5, I really wanted to stop (well who am I kidding? I wanted to stop at mile 2!) but Jenny's hubby
brought us water and I dumped it on my head and drank some of it. That gave me the push I needed to keep going.

At mile 7.7, some friends, Lisa and her kiddos, stood on their sidewalk and cheered us on...that was super neat! When I passed by her, I yelled, "its awful! it so freakin hot!!" All I wanted was more water at this point but we had to wait until mile 11 for more water (from Jenny's hubby) Mile 10 couldnt come soon enough and when we turned the corner, Brian and Chase were waiting for us at the corner!!! I was so surprised and it really gave me the boost I needed!

However, our last stretch of road was the death of me. I immediately started feeling overheated and STARVING! Typically, I dont even drink on long runs much less get hungry, so this was a new experience for me. I tried to tap into all of the mental strength that I hadnt already used up, but at 12.6, my body gave out and I had to stop.

I have never been so fearful of passing out in my life! My legs felt so weak; I had chills and felt so hungry still!! I stopped and poor Jenny walked with me for about half a mile until I knew I was okay. I made it back to my car, scarfed down a granola bar and picked the run back up. Those last 2.5 miles seemed to take and eternity! But, I finished!! I tell myself thats all that matters, but the competitor in me says otherwise. I've been pretty bummed and am trying to make myself get back out there and build my confidence again

Have you ever experienced a bad run? If so, how did you psyche yourself back up?


Sarah Forgrave said...

Running one mile is a bad run for me, lol. Don't be too hard on yourself. You're amazing for being able to go that far in the first place!

indyhumes said...

Thank you so much are such an encouragement! PS I havent forgotten your pics..I've asked B everyday to email them to me:) Oh boys!