Wednesday, October 11, 2006


I just want to publicly thank God for all of His wonderful blessings in our life! Tonight, we received yet another donation from the purchase of our beautiful jewerly. We have also had several orders for the jewerly and as mentioned in previous posts, several friends stepping forward to help us raise funds for the adoption. We even heard from a friend today that another friend wants to give us her crib or donate it to the church garage sale to help raise funds. I see all of this as confirmation that we are in God's will by pursuing this adoption. Thinking about having a crib in our new home is just too much for me! And while the wait is long, just thinking about having the need for a crib brings tears to my eyes! God is so faithful.

On another note, we would appreciate prayers as we attend our international informational meeting next Wednesday, October 18th. I am so excited! We will get to hear a family who has adopted from China speak. We will also get general information about international adoption, etc. After this meeting, we are planning on announcing this decision formally to our church. After that, we have friends who are planning a church garage sale for us in November. We will also send out support letters to close friends and family. As we raise funds, we will move one step closer in the process. For example, November 30 is when we could potentially fill out our formal application. We could also potentially have our homestudy done in December or January. But, we will have to raise the funds first for both of the above mentioned. After that, it is a lot of paperwork before sending off our dossier to China. Once China receives the Dossier, we will officially be logged in. The wait will then begin (which at this time is 13-14 months)

Well, me thanking God has turned into more than I was planning on writing. But, at least now, you have somewhat of a timeline and can see some of our goals. God Bless and keep following our journey!

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