Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Veggie Tacos Rock!

Not to confuse with Veggie Tales Rock, Veggie Tacos are the best ever! Brian made veggie tacos for dinner last night and they were so good! As most of you know I am a vegetarian. But, I have never really been into meat substitutes. Brian, however, has been lately. He has been making veggie burgers, veggie sloppy joes, and now veggie tacos. He does such a great job and they really are good. He has even bought me veggie riblets for lunches at work and suprisingly they are also really good. (how many times can I say really good?) Anyway, I am proud of his willingness to try out these meat substitutes and wanted to pass on the word to try them out. They are REALLY GOOD:)

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Rachel said...

Ok, do you really want to tell the entire world that Brian does all the cooking? :)