Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter: Midnight Madness

Well if you have young children or even if you follow the internet/news, it shouldn't be too hard to guess the meaning behind the title of this post. Last night was the midnight book release of the final Harry Potter book. (All the buzz is who dies in this book.) Brian, Tayler, Jake, and myself went to Barnes and Noble for the release. They had a cool setting inside with stations for kids to play games, face painting, magic shows, etc. A lot of people dressed up. It was quite a sight. (The party was from 7:00 until 12:00, so I had a lot of Starbucks and lots of time reading magazines I so can not afford right now!) We had already ordered the book and it should be here today in the mail. However, Tayler still wanted to go and be part of the excitement. He had a blast!
All of the staff were dressed up as characters and the kids were given a map with directions to attend each station thus getting a sticker for completion. This is great for boys-conquer! They also took free pics of the kids and put them in a frame that said, Harry Potter Book release with the souvenior(and it was free, you can pay up to $20 for souveniors like this!) Everyone who participated in the evening got those "cool" white Harry Potter glasses that Tayler is sporting. Tayler's face painting is of a phoenix and he had another tattoo on his arm of Voldemort's symbol. There are a few pics below...
Side note: Jake isn't in any b/c he doesn't like having his picture taken. But, if you follow the blog, he is Tayler's best friend and has made appearances here (they were baptized together)

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