Tuesday, September 04, 2007

World Restoration Church? updated 9/8/07

I know- sounds strange. When we started this church that was the name I wanted to go with but I was afraid it would sound a little nutty so I went the safe route and called it Restoration Community Church. However, I have been looking at where people are from who use our website and it has been surprising. We have people from Florida, Washington, Virginia, Texas, Michigan, South Carolina, North Carolina and many other states visiting. But, there are also people from Korea, India, Russia, Italy, France and Poland (and other countries) visiting on a regular basis. It is truly becoming a global community. So, who knows? Maybe it will be "World Restoration Church" before too long and that is very exciting.

We checked who's been to our site and there have been people from Beijing, China, Malaysia, Germany and the Netherlands. It's just very cool to see a worldwide community developing and to be a part of it.

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indyhumes said...

Maybe it has to do with what we talked about last night...hmmm?