Monday, November 12, 2007

Mama Mia! has been 7 years!!

We went to see the broadway production of Mama Mia for our 7 year anniversary! Just like the last seven years, the play was absolutely wonderful...(aw, how sweet:) It was so upbeat and uplifting! I definitely recommend seeing it.

I won't post too many pics b/c I look so chubby, but I have lost 8.6 pounds since I started my new job, the old one had me gainin'....Enjoy the pics!!

ps I know I can't blame the old job, but pretty convenient, right?
pss-This was by far one of the most fun anniversaries we have ever had in my opinion. The musical was a blast and we hope to see more in the future- Brian


emilie123 said...

I love that show! Paul got so mad at me because I jumped up and started busting a move at the beginning and hardly sat down the whole show. I love ABBA!

emilie123 said... about a southern comfort party...december 1st? oh's southern living isn't it? hahaha! i'll bring the souther bring the southern living!

H & E said...

Very cool way to celebrate! Congrats! And you don't look chubby silly!

Jen said...