Sunday, April 20, 2008

Baby names?

So, I have been going over baby names for quite a while now.........about eight years to be But, really, we are thinking of what to name this little guy. Originally, we had William and were going to make him a III on the Hume side. But, now Brian is having second thoughts and Tayler hates the name. Tayler votes Chase and really wants us to name the baby Chase. Although, most probably wouldn't have their children help name their child, Tayler will be almost 14 and pretty much a co-parent so he should have a vote:) I have thought of Hayden. I think Hayden sounds cute with our last name. Brian likes Zachariah and it means God has remembered. That has great significance for us but I just can't picture my baby as a Zach. But, I AM big on names with meaning. Hayden nor Chase have strong meanings. So, help us out!! Name our baby!! :)

PS I am really liking Hayden Chase Hume. The more I say it, the more I love it!!


H & E said...

My vote is with Tayler :) I actually like Isaac for your baby a lot, too. Isaac Chase is cute. Hayden is cute, but it's one of the most popular boy names from last year. I don't think you should do William b/c you seem like you haven't really felt like this baby is a "William".

angel lindsey said...

Hey stranger!!! Okay, what about:

William Chase
Kameron Tayler
Ethan Tayler
Elijah (Eli) Chase
Hayden Tayler or

Angel... Just kidding.

I'll keep thinking, let me know what you think of these

Anonymous said...

I have to go with Big Daddy Brian on this one. I think the name with meaning, especially after ya'll have waited & prayed for such a long time.

How about Zachariah Chase Hume? You could call him Chase. Or you could call him Ira as a dreivation on his 1st name. Confuse folks & make them think he's Jewish...;-D

Love ya - Rebekah

Anonymous said...

I think its cool you are keeping Tayler involved and I like Chase. Even if it is the middle name and you pick a different first name. I like Judson, and if I can ever get pregnant and its a boy, he will be Judson Daniel, unless I change my mind by then! I really like Hayden too though. So many names, but 1 little boy.. decisions, decisions! First of many I am sure!