Friday, April 11, 2008

Can you say exhausted?

Today, I painted Tayler's room...finally! He picked out his colors before we moved in over 18 months ago! The colors are the Patriots blue. You can buy team colors at Home Depot. I painted the room once in only two hours and was quite impressed with myself. When I went back up to check on it, it was obvious it needed two coats! I was pretty frustrated! Oh yea, I also knocked over about 1/4 of the paint...nice.

But, other than that, it was alright. I am satisfied now that it is finished. (with the exception of the trim as you can see) We are going to do a mural of the Patriots symbol but that will be about another month or so. We have two rooms down and four more to go before the baby comes. I can't wait until the day that I can post pics of our bedroom actually getting painted along with a new bedroom set. Did I say new? I mean FIRST bedroom set. We have never had one!! I have never had one period! I hope we can get one before the baby comes...b/c as we all know, once the baby comes, all attention and money goes towards the baby! (which is a good thing, I just want my room done that selfish?)

So, here are the pics...hope you can make them out.

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H & E said...

Looks great, Karin! The top pic turned out good... the bottom one is dark.
And no! It's not selfish at all to paint your own bedroom before the baby comes :) We are soooo glad that we've painted ours. It makes it such a relaxing "retreat".