Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hume's Lampoons......

We had the pleasure of taking a mini vacation to Gatlinburg this past weekend. My uncle was so kind to provide cabins in the mountains for our family. We went to visit Rachel and family in Knoxville then met up with my dad, little sister, step mom and some extended family in Gatlinburg. It all started out pretty uneventful.

Saturday, we set out for Splash Country....a waterpark in Dollywood. I was so excited for Tayler to get to go to the water park b/c that was one of my favorite things as a kid in the summer. (not in Dollywood but a place in Atlanta) However, in the first 45 minutes, he was crying very loudly and was unconsolable. He had hurt his foot in the wavepool. Being the nurturing mother I am, I told him to shake it off and to please stop crying so loudly...people were staring at us! After a while, he was okay and walked on his heel the rest of the day. He was able to ride some rides but spent most of the day in the Lazy River.

Later that night, we enjoyed a nice dinner at Gatlinburg's famous Alamo. Pretty uneventful. However, a little after midnight, Brian was doubled over in pain and sick...ALL.NIGHT. Being the supporting wife I am, I slept through it. After awaking, Tayler and I hurried out to breakfast with our family...or should I say, I hurried, Tayler hopped. My uncle is a Pediatrician and decided to look at Tayler's foot. I am thinking-oh if he only's fine...Tayler is just dramatic like his momma! But, much to my surprise, I hear-I think there is a good chance it is broken. He needs an X-ray.

Back to Brian. Did I mention we left him at the house doubled over in pain? Well, to my credit, I didn't know how bad it really was. I called to see where he was-why wasn't he at breakfast after all? I mean wasn't he hungry? I soon found out he needed me and NOW! He was ready for the E.R. but luckily Rachel was there to save the day. She examined him and determined that there was a high probability he has diverticulitis.

So, I run to the pharmacy with my dad to get prescriptions for Brian. That was a treat...waiting in line at the one grocery store in the East TN mountains. Can you say..interesting? At this point, it was check out time for our family so poor Brian was moving down to my dads cabin. Katie, my little sis, made Brian some really sweet cards and turned down the bed for him. At that point, Tayler is moaning...I tell him to please hold off, one crisis at a time! We get Brian medicated and load up to head back to Knoxville. My niece is crying, my nephew whining, and the car is packed to the brim.

Upon arriving in Knoxville, Rachel calls her brother in law who says he can see Tayler for the Xray. He is an Orthapedic Surgeon. So, Tayler goes into the hospital with Rachel and I and the ever cramping Brian wait in the car with the kiddos. After examination, we find out Tayler's foot is broken. Nice. David boots up Tayler and sends him off with crutches. He will be revaluated in four weeks. So, a broken foot-just in time for his summer vacation to TN.

We then after a few other stops, get on the road to head back to Indiana. I felt like I was in a fog-floating around. Brian was feeling better after being doped up on meds and was able to drive us home...even in pain, he prefers to drive! We arrived after midnight. Can you say exhausted? I know I am.... I am waiting on a few pics from Rachel and will post them soon. I have a few here. The one of Tayler and Jackson was pre-injury right before the water park.

We did really enjoy seeing family. I was so proud of Katie as she was so helpful and caring all weekend. She constantly rubbed my belly asking about the baby-wanting to feel him kick. Splash Country was relaxing and I enjoyed the Lazy River-hillbilly style with shorts and a t-shirt on! So all in all, it had good components.....I mean, what would a good vacation be anyway without a good story?


H & E said...

Whew! Makes me tired just reading it! I'm glad you had doctors with you :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome...I'm trying not to laugh, really I am.
How are your boys now?

Rebekah, who still lives in the East Tn Mountains - and yes, it IS interesting (to say it nicely)